iPhone X Verses iPhone 11 Pro Speed Test (Comparison)

iPhone X Versus iPhone 11 Pro Speed Test (Comparison)

iPhone X Versus iPhone 11 Pro Speed Test (Comparison)

Welcome to the new article readers, Today I will be helping you to master the iPhone technology and welcome to the iPhone X versus the iPhone 11 Pro Speed Test.

Boot Up Test

Beginning with a Boot-Up Test with 3, 2 and 1 Countdown (both at the same time) as shown in mentioned below picture. Now the iPhone X is rocking the Apple A11 CPU/Processor and it does have 3GB of RAM whereas we’re looking at the iPhone 11 Pro with the A13 Bionic chipset with 4GB of RAM.

Boot Test Between iPhone X Vs iPhone 11 Pro

Both of them have an in-house apple GPU and the iPhone X says hello how you doing and the iPhone 11 Pro says I don’t know I’m gonna boot up when I feel like. So iPhone X faster on that boot up over the iPhone 11 pro.

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iPhone Face ID Test

Go ahead and see how fast they are with the Face ID in 3,2 and 1 Countdown (both at the same time) as shown in mentioned below picture.

iPhone X VS iPhone 11 Face ID Test
iPhone X VS iPhone 11 Face ID Test

You could see pretty similar performance now I do have to mention that the iPhone 11 Pro does recognize me a little bit faster on different angles than the iPhone X but overall you can see that the face ID was still pretty polished and pretty good on the first generation of this type of phone in the iPhone X so not a big deal of difference there between both of these iPhones. The speed of unlocking face ID although Apple is claiming it’s faster it doesn’t really feel that much faster as you’ve seen right there in that test.

Operating Systems (iOS) Comparison

Guys so quickly confirming the software iPhone X has iOS 13.2 and an iPhone 11 Pro iOS 13.2 official versions you arrive at the application portion of this speed test everything is closed out for iPhone X everything is closed out for iPhone 11 Pro. let’s begin with the clock application present in both of the iPhones (shown in picture) and you could see the clock was that the iPhone 11 pro was so close couldn’t tell.

iphone 11 pro
iPhone X VS iPhone 11 Pro Clock Application Test

Now let’s dive into Calculator Application that looked like the iPhone 11 pro maybe win but that’s so close.

Again go into Settings App and again so close this is really tough to call which iPhone is better.

Let’s go into Snapchat and it was first there for the iPhone 11 Pro. Now let’s go into Amazon Application and You can see Amazon first open here for the iPhone 11 Pro so a little snappier there on that application.

Let’s check into eBay but I’ve been testing these days today and I gotta tell you the performance is almost indistinguishable if you’re not doing this side by side.

Let’s go into Best Buy and you could see Best Buy wow that was really close it looks like the iPhone 10 headed on the 11 pros came back very close there.

Let’s dive into Pandora applications 3, 2 and 1 Countdown (as shown in mentioned-below picture) and you can see Pandora look to be first there on the iPhone 11 Pro.


Let’s go into Twitter and by the way guys when I’m calling the speed test if I say something wrong go ahead and point it out down below I’m just calling what I’m seeing if I’m missing it that’s okay I’m human you guys can go ahead and say no you’re telling wrong Instagram was first on the one side or you know eBay was first on the other side but Instagram looked pretty close on that that application open time so I gotta say so far these are man these are so much really close in performance.

Let’s go into prime video and you can see the prime video on which one okay that’s the iPhone 11 Pro but again what is that like half a second or like milliseconds it’s not gonna be a big deal for you.

Let’s go into the games here’s where we should see better performance for the iPhone 11 Pro. PUBG is ahead, therefore, the 11 Pro and will wait till we get to this prompt screen and yes definitely you can see that the performance is definitely up there for the iPhone 11 Pro and you’re gonna find it be a little bit smoother in gaming and because it has better battery life, of course, the 11 Pro is a nice update for gaming over the iPhone X just because you know battery is a big concern when you’re playing games and that’s not gonna be as big of a concern on the iPhone 11 Pro.

So let’s go into the next game and see how they perform 11 Pro just a little bit snappier but that’s enough to say it’s a little bit faster and then the iPhone 10 gets in first so that was strange. Let’s go ahead and see how they perform in gaming and you could see not a great deal of difference this is not a super graphically intensive game but still, I mean the performance on these is really good alright readers.

Let’s dive into call of duty and let’s see what happens here so the iPhone 11 Pro seems to be ahead here over the iPhone X and well the 10 catch up let’s see will it guest here confirm guest here and see how fast they can load this up so we’re ready to go here it looks like just about here for the iPhone 11 Pro and now on the iPhone X so let’s kind of see how they do in game play when in game play you can see very smooth performance here for the iPhone 11 Pro and then the one’s a timeless out there let’s at the X let’s go over here to the iPhone 10 see how this one does you can see also pretty good game play I’m noticing slightly less smooth not quite as smooth but still very good here for iPhone X so gotta say that if you readers are gonna be playing call of duty our games on either one of these it’s gonna be a fantastic experience both of these are very fast but I think there’s a slight edge to the iPhone 11 pro but not a large margin like you might have thought we’re gonna go through the application see if we get any reloads on either one of these Call-of-Duty ready to go the next game ready to go PUBG Mobile had to restart the match but it was still ready and let’s go into prime video Instagram. Let’s go into Twitter a little bit of a delay there on Twitter. Let’s go in the Best Buy and that was ready to go eBay also ready a little bit of a pause there in Amazon so iOS still pauses app sometimes.

So the efficiency of iOS is still very present even on as the older iPhones here it’s going to PUBG again that match had to quit but let’s go into prime video that’s good to go Instagram good to go see we get it to pause here it not might much of a pause there on Twitter, Best Buy and eBay. Let’s go into Amazon a little bit less pauses here so the 4GB of RAM showing a little bit better performance overall both very efficient still very smooth here in 2019 on iOS 13.2 17 second 4K clip on both of these let’s see how they do with this export I’m hit save video and put them both in 4K and see how fast they can export so you can see the iPhone 11 pro definitely ahead here over the iPhone X and it seems like by a substantial margin the iPhone X is catching up but it’s not enough to take down the 11 Pro so when it comes to rendering exporting doing video work things like that photo editing things that are gonna actually tax the processor the 11 pro is definitely the more powerful phone.

let’s go ahead and run a synthetic benchmark now on Geekbench 5 as shown in the picture below.

I’m gonna go ahead and CPU will hit this run benchmark and I’ll be back when the final scores are in hey readers so the final scores are in and you could see that there’s not a major jump about 400 points here for single but we get into the multi-core you start to see the bigger jump for the iPhone 11 Pro.

Yes, technically you knew that before coming in the another speed test iPhone 11 Pro is a faster phone but you wanted to see kinda in the real world and you have seen that the 11 pro feels slightly faster but I think this video is good conclusive proof that really what you’re upgrading for is again those cameras in the better battery life the iPhone 11 Pro dropped three percent when I started this test I didn’t show you but the iPhone X had 88% it’s down the 79 percent and yeah so battery cameras major upgrade that’s the big deal here between these two if you can live without that I would just hold onto the iPhone 10 until next year when you see a redesign on the next iPhone.

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