Let’s find out the latest chicken prices as of March 6th, 2024. To find out the current chicken rates in your city, simply locate your city name below and check the updated prices.

Price Up/Down-50.00
Today’s RateRs.355
30 Days Ago RateRs.380

Last Updated On: 6th March 2024

CategoryRate (Rs.)
Chicken Rate355
Alive Chicken Rate450
Retail Market Chicken Rate405
Wholesale Chicken Rate1150
Chicken Meat RateNot provided
Chicken price in Pakistan today
Chicken price in Pakistan today

As of March 6th, 2024, the current price of live chickens in Pakistan stands at Rs.355 per kilogram, with retail market prices averaging Rs.450 per kilogram. Meanwhile, the per kilogram rate for chicken meat in Pakistan is Rs.1150.

Chicken holds a paramount position in Pakistan’s culinary landscape, being the most favored meat and enjoyed with great enthusiasm across the country. Its popularity stems from its affordability, adaptability in various dishes, and perceived health benefits.

The fluctuating rates of chicken in Pakistan have long been a subject of keen interest among consumers. This commodity experiences frequent price variations influenced by factors like supply and demand dynamics, seasonal shifts, and political uncertainties. Notably, chicken prices vary across different regions and markets within Pakistan, reflecting local conditions.

In recent years, the cost of chicken in Pakistan has seen a notable upsurge primarily due to escalated production expenses. The expenses associated with chicken feed, a significant component of production costs, have risen owing to increased prices of key raw materials like corn and soybean meal. Consequently, these elevated production costs have translated into higher prices for consumers.

Despite these challenges, the government is proactively working to ensure that chicken remains an affordable staple for all citizens while fostering the growth and sustainability of the poultry industry within the country. Efforts are underway to strike a balance between consumer affordability and supporting the development of the poultry sector.

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FAQs About Today Chicken Rates

Q.1 What is the Current Chicken Price in Pakistan?

As of today, the price of chicken in Pakistan is Rs.350.

Q.2 What is the Current Price of Live Chicken in Pakistan?

The price of live chicken in Pakistan stands at Rs.350.

Q.3 What is the Cost of 1 kg Chicken in Pakistan Today?

The current rate of 1 kg chicken in shops across Pakistan is Rs.780.