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Online Hajj 2024 Cost Calculator

The Pakistani government has recently unveiled a handy calculator aimed at assisting individuals in determining the precise cost of undertaking the Hajj pilgrimage in the upcoming year. With the introduction of multiple categories by the government, there had been some confusion regarding the specific payments required for this sacred journey.

Hajj 2024 Price Calculate

To alleviate this uncertainty, the government has launched an online platform where users can input details about the desired Hajj package to obtain an accurate estimation of the pilgrimage’s cost for an individual. This user-friendly calculator is accessible on the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony’s website.

In response to the eagerness of Muslims nationwide to submit their applications for the upcoming Hajj, the federal government has taken steps to reduce the overall cost. Aneeq Ahmed, the Caretaker Federal Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony, declared a noteworthy reduction of one lakh rupees in government Hajj expenses during a recent announcement.

Government Hajj Package 2024 Pakistan Price

Minister Ahmed shared additional enhancements for pilgrims, including the allowance for each pilgrim to bring a 30kg suitcase and the provision of scarves (Abaya) with the national flag for female pilgrims. He also highlighted the usefulness of a mobile application developed by Pakistan to aid pilgrims with navigation support and continuous communication with relevant Pakistani officials.

Furthermore, the integration of Islamabad and Karachi into Saudi Arabia’s Road to Makkah project was emphasized by the minister, streamlining immigration formalities for pilgrims in Pakistan.

Aneeq Ahmed assured that Pakistan has been allocated 179,000 Hajj seats, with half of them designated for private Hajj operators. However, the ministry will actively monitor these operators to ensure the well-being of pilgrims.

It’s noteworthy that the government will commence accepting Hajj applications from November 27th, with the process continuing until December 12th. Notably, this marks the first instance of the government introducing a Short Hajj package, enabling pilgrims to complete the pilgrimage in 20-25 days.

Conversely, the Long Hajj package entails a duration of 38-42 days, including an 8-day stay in Medinah, with the government clarifying that the Short Hajj Package is relatively more expensive than the Long Hajj package.

Private Hajj Operators in Pakistan Maintain Full Quota for Hajj 2024

The government of Saudi Arabia has reassured that there will be no reduction in the number of private Hajj operators from Pakistan, alleviating concerns among operators. After high-level engagement, it has been confirmed that all 905 operators will be allowed to serve pilgrims. The new scheme permits each operator to facilitate 100 pilgrims, with a total of 180 groups comprising 500 people each.

The federal government has decided to reduce the cost of Hajj, with a significant cut in government expenses. Caretaker Federal Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony, Aneeq Ahmed, announced the reduction and highlighted additional benefits for pilgrims, such as increased luggage allowance and scarves for female pilgrims. A mobile application has been designed to assist pilgrims, and integration into Saudi Arabia’s Road to Makkah project simplifies immigration formalities in Pakistan.

The government has allocated 179,000 Hajj seats, with half filled by private operators, under close monitoring by the ministry. Applications for Hajj are accepted from November 27th to December 12th, including a new Short Hajj package for completion in 20-25 days, alongside the traditional Long Hajj package spanning 38-42 days. The government clarified that the Short Hajj Package is more expensive than the Long Hajj package.