How To Promote Your YouTube Videos For Free When You Have Zero Subscribers

How To Promote Your YouTube Videos For Free When You Have Zero Subscribers [2024]

Last Updated on: 31st December 2023, 11:04 pm

How to Promote YouTube Video For Free 2024

How to promote YouTube videos for free in 2024 is a question asked by every new content creator. So If you do not have subscribers on your YouTube Channel, who will see your videos?

Yes, I could outdated myself with some old and boring YouTube marketing tips, but you know what? If you have no money, you have no subscribers, they will be tough and you will not get such good results.

Today, I’ll share the strategies for how to promote YouTube videos for free, even if you do not have any subscribers.

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Craft Captivating Video Titles to Boost Your YouTube Content for Free

Titles play a pivotal role in the success of your YouTube videos. They can either entice or deter viewers, which is why it’s crucial to create compelling titles that convey the video’s essence from the moment it catches the viewer’s eye.

An essential reminder: always ensure your titles are accurate and not misleading. Misleading titles not only harm your reputation but also discourage viewers from returning to your channel. Incorporate relevant keywords in your titles while keeping them concise and captivating.

Enhance Promotion Efforts with Personalized Thumbnails on YouTube

Designing a custom thumbnail is a powerful strategy for boosting the visibility of your YouTube videos. Your thumbnail acts as a snapshot of your content, providing viewers with a quick understanding of what the video entails. YouTube typically generates a thumbnail from the video itself, and sometimes, it might not capture the essence of your content effectively.

Personalizing your thumbnail not only makes your video more appealing but also reflects your commitment and professionalism. You don’t need extravagant designs – consistency in theme, font, or style can work wonders.

Embed YouTube Videos Into Other Blog/Websites

The number strategy to promote YouTube videos for free is to reach all the bloggers or content writers who write articles similar to your YouTube channel videos and ask them to embed your video on their website.

And if you ask them to embed your videos in their blogs/websites, You find that it helps you get more views of our YouTube videos, sends more positive signals to YouTube, and generally, our rankings start getting better results.

Add Subtitles To YouTube Videos

Millions of videos are uploaded on YouTube daily and hundreds of millions of viewers watch YouTube videos per day. Almost 90+ videos on YouTube are available in the English language.

YouTube is very competitive, especially in English, but apart from English, it’s not that hard to get views from other languages.

My Videos are in the Urdu Language. So my second strategy is to make sure that you translate and transcribe your video in different languages. In this way, I not only get views from people who understand Urdu but also views in all other languages.

I do not have many subscribers in many countries that do not speak Urdu, but yes, many of these countries are gaining in popularity when I see my YouTube statistics only because we translate all our videos into subtitles in all these countries (or regions).

Start Your Own WordPress Blog For YouTube Channel

Nowadays getting good organic traffic from search engines is so much more competitive without proper SEO. If you have good organic search results driving them to your blog/website, look at your most popular blog posts.

You can see the most engaging and popular posts in your Google Search Console or Google Analytics. Take a look at the most popular pages. See which videos are most relevant to the YouTube clip or video you’ve created then embed this video into your blog post/page as I do on That way your videos get consistent views.

In addition, you will find that users are staying longer on your website, which also helps to improve your ranking and reduces the bounce rate. So it’s a win-and-win situation. Not only will you get more views and subscribers on YouTube, but users will stay on your website longer; In this way, you can improve the user metrics and the overall Google ranking.

WordPress Email Posts to Subscribers

The third strategy is to convert your email subscribers into YouTube channel subscribers. If you already have a website or blog then you need to take advantage of the current audience.

Suppose you have a website like mine. I have the email subscribers list. When I create a new YouTube video that people will love, I send an email from my subscriber list to this YouTube video. It’s helpful to get more views, engagement, and of course more subscribers on YouTube for better ranking in suggestion videos.

I do the same with my list of push notification subscribers. For example, I use to generate more push notifications. When I post a YouTube video that I know you want to see, I send a push notification so I can get many more views.

YouTube looks at many signals, many of which are external. All of the external signals indicate that people love this content, it works better on YouTube as well.

You can also read our FTC and Google reached a $170 million settlement of alleged child privacy violations by YouTube article.

Promote Videos on Social Media Networks

Sharing videos on different social media networks is one of the most powerful ways to promote a YouTube Channel. If you’re a video blogger or any person creating useful and informative content on YouTube, you must create social media handles for your YouTube channel. This allows you to create a community outside of YouTube and generate direct traffic from other social media networks.

Mentioned below are the social media networks to promote YouTube videos for free:

There are different tools available like SocialPilot to schedule videos for sharing on your social media handles.

SocialPilot - To Schedule Videos For Sharing On Your Social Media Handles
SocialPilot – To Schedule Videos For Sharing On Your Social Media Handles

An important tip here:

  • Always share your video at regular intervals.

I usually share each video at least 5 to 6 times in the week following its publication. When sharing, also use relevant and trending hashtags so others can easily recognize them.

Use Calls to Action

Another amazing strategy is to tell your viewers to take some action and subscribe to your YouTube channel. Social networking site users need to know what actions to take.

Ask the viewers at the end of the video, or even in the middle, to like and subscribe to your channel. At the same time, you can ask them to share the video with others who may benefit from it.

Most of the top YouTube content creators use a “Call-to-action” strategy to increase their video reach with existing subscribers. If you have never done it before, start it from your next video. You’ll be surprised that the number of shares increases greatly when you ask your existing subscribers to share.

Engage in Content Collaborations with Other Creators

Collaboration is a powerful strategy employed by many prominent YouTubers to expand their reach and engage new audiences. When you collaborate with another content creator that your target audience knows and trusts, you open the door to a fresh set of potential subscribers.

The key to successful collaboration is partnering with a content creator who shares a similar niche or theme as your own, enhancing the authenticity of your content and appealing to a broader viewership.

Use YouTube Playlist Feature or Add a Video to an Existing Playlist

YouTube Playlist is a collection of videos on the same topic. A YouTube playlist is a great way to get more views of your existing videos. If you’ve uploaded a new video, add it to a playlist (created or existing).

When you create a new playlist, follow these steps:

  • Give the playlist a meaningful name and add a keyword to the title of that playlist.
  • Add a detailed description of the playlist and specify your keywords.
  • Group similar videos in a playlist.
  • Only one video can be listed in multiple playlists.

YouTube playlists also appear in search results. This will increase the discovery of your videos.

Use YouTube Playlist Feature or Add Video To An Existing Playlist
Use YouTube Playlist Feature or Add A Video To An Existing Playlist

You can watch this video to know more about how to create a playlist on YouTube:

YouTube video

Final Words

Follow these strategies and you’ll get a lot more subscribers and views on your YouTube videos, even if you do not have a single subscriber. And Don’t forget to join me on YouTube.

If you have any questions about using these strategies or are confused, leave a comment below. I will definitely answer and help you. And of course, if you liked this blog post, don’t forget to share it. Thank you for reading.

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