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Analyst Predicts That Upcoming iPhone Will Cost $400

Analyst Predicts That The Upcoming iPhone Will Cost $400

No matter how famous iPhones brand is, a lot of users aren’t ready to expend $1,000 on something like a smartphone.

Apple is confronting a decrease in iPhone sales, this had been assured considering the competitive smartphone pricing by Chinese OEMs. For mention of, Redmi K20 Pro has been 3 times inexpensive than a $1000 iPhone 11 Pro.

Two weeks ago, a renown Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of TF Securities, revealed that the company has been manufacturing an iPhone SE 2nd-generation and possibly launch the smartphone by 2020.

Premium and High-End Specifications

A similar source has now disclosed more details about the upcoming iPhone. According to him, just like the first-generation iPhone SE was a modified version of the iPhone 5S body, the iPhone SE 2 will be very similar to iPhone 8 and will be costed at $399.

It will likely feature the A13 CPU (same as iPhone 11), 3GB LPDDR4X, 64GB/128GB onboard storage options, and Space Gray/ Silver/ Red color features. It will not feature 3D Touch functionality but that is legitimate considering the price.

Mass Production

Kuo further stated that Cupertino has demanded its suppliers to manufacture around 2-4 million iPhone SE 2 units per month since the company is waiting to sell 30 million iPhone SE 2 smartphones in 2020.

That would be Apple’s third attempt at an inexpensive smartphone. The first one was in 2013 when the company published iPhone 5C and the second one was in 2016 with the iPhone SE.

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