iPhone 11 Pro Simplest Review and Comparison

iPhone 11 Pro Simplest Review and Comparison in 2024

iPhone 11 Pro Review 2024: Should You Buy it Not?

In our very recent article, we discussed the reviews, suggestions, and buying guide for iPhone 11 Pro. Today we will cover the pros and cons of the iPhone 11 Pro and what makes it different from the iPhone 11.

What makes an iPhone 11 Pro “Different and Unique” from other iPhone series? Three things seem to make it pro: Extra Cameras, Durable and longer Battery, and better LTE performance. Any of these things can be that’s why you prefer an iPhone 11 Pro ($999 and up) or iPhone 11 Pro Max ($1,099 and up) over the iPhone 11 ($699).

Of course, the pros are much more costly than the iPhone 11. The iPhone Pros are surely better than the iPhone 11. In addition to this, they are also better in comparison to all the other Apple phones available in the market. But are they $300 or better? That depends on which pro-level improvements you require on an iPhone.

iPhone 11 Pro Specs

iPhone 11 Pro has many better features and specifications as compared to other iPhone releases, let’s discuss it in detail:

Physical Body and Display

Another important factor is that the iPhone 11 Pros are much more slippery than other iPhones. The iPhone Pros are available in four colors—gold, gray, green, and silver—with a kind of shimmery matte finish on the back of the glass. It looks grippier than the glossy glass iPhone 11, even though you will still be required to put these expensive phones in cases for safekeeping.

An iPhone case will additionally help to ease out the alternatively sharp digital camera bump, which carries three rear lenses.

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The iPhone 11 Pro is just a little bit bigger than the iPhone XS, and surprisingly bigger than the rest of the iPhones, at 5.67 x 2.81 x 0.32 inches (HWD) and 6.63 ounces.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max has a similar size to the iPhone XS Max at 6.20 x 3.06 x 0.30 inches and 7.97 ounces. The Pro Max is relatively heavy—it’s the heaviest mainstream iPhone I can assume of, in conclusion, thanks to its big, dense 4,000mAh battery.

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Both phones have 458ppi OLED displays that are almost brighter than closing year’s OLED models.

According to Dr. Ray Soneira of DisplayMate Labs, the new displays are 17% brighter and 15% more power-saver than the previous year’s, having a color that is “visually incomparable from perfect.” Soneira pointed out that all the newly released Apple and Samsung displays are great; they are improving their displays year after year.

The iPhone 11 Pro’s 5.8-inch screen is much denser than the Pro Max’s 6.5-inch display; the Pro Max has more real estate. In daily life, that interprets into four more lines of written text in the Mail app per screen.

The balancing thing, of course, is how comfortable you feel the Pro Max to hold. I haven’t seen any smartphone that is wider than three inches to be a single-handed phone, but that’s, in the end, a question of private taste.

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Apple has determined not to adopt what I think is the most amazing new style in displays: high-refresh-rate screens, like the 120Hz screen on the iPad Pro and the world’s first AMOLED display 90Hz panel on the OnePlus 7 Pro.

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These higher refresh rates make screen displays smoother and extra restful on the eyes. Apple tries to make it different from Android though because Android has continually had troubles with overwrought User Interface animations that Apple tends to avoid.

Similar to previous iPhones, All the Pro versions have Lightning rather than USB-C ports, they are waterproof and have no headphone jacks. Apple looks to be very committed to preserving its Lightning accessory revenue at the cost of broader convenience or compatibility, however as this has been going on for various years, iPhone lovers are incredibly used to it by now.

A13 Processor and Performance

Apple’s new A13 Bionic processor, which is available in all the three new-released iPhones is one of the fastest mobile processors recently available. It’s 40% quicker than the previous year’s iPhone XS Max on Compute/AI measures and Geekbench multicore, 16% more speedy on web rendering, and 36% higher on an off-screen GFXBench graphics benchmark.

It’s also significantly faster than the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 in the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ and different leading Android phones.

The A13 allows one key feature, the new Night mode in the camera, which is a big deal. It additionally allows the multi-camera modes in Filmic Pro, big good news for filmmakers who desire to take shots with the new iPhone’s wide-angle and zoom cameras.

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In addition, I can’t discover any apps that honestly slow down the new processor yet. That’s common with iPhone releases, but I assume this year is somewhat special—there are not any famous apps that would slow down the A12 that hard, either.

Apple used to be promoting augmented reality for a shorter duration as a new capability that would want new processors, however, AR appears to be in a bit of a calm till now.

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All the above capabilities and features tell us that A13 is not completely different from A12. There are a lot of matters about these phones, it relies upon what you’re distinguishing them with.

Do you still keep an iPhone 6? Then yes, in this case, applications will launch faster and video export speed will be increased.

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iOS 13 has made many features fascinating as compared to the other iPhones over my write-up period. Initially, my write-up iPhones were exceedingly buggy, with applications quitting and crashing now and then.

iOS 13 has gone through many different bug fixes and improvements which is a benefit of iPhones. In comparison, most of the Android phones upgrade their software very rarely.

Battery Life and Fast Charging

The iPhone Pros have principal advantages over the iPhone 11 in each battery and wireless areas. The iPhone Pro and Pro Max have 4×4 MIMO, an antenna upgrade that can nearly twice the maximum LTE speeds over the iPhone 11 and iPhone 10R. 4×4 MIMO Antennas has also other advantages.

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As long as you are in a condition that depends on the middle LTE bands (like 2, 4, 30, and 66) in contrast to the low-frequency long-range bands (like 5, 12, and 71), it seems to be the higher reception.

If you are planning to leave very older iPhones on AT&T or T-Mobile, you’ll get significantly higher network reach or coverage map on this year’s phones. Last year’s iPhones presented LTE bands 14 and 71, which are long-distance, low-frequency bands that increase the coverage map on these two carriers.

The iPhone series is the only mainstream cell phone in the US to provide dual-SIM functionality. It’s a likable thing abroad that has generally been locked out of US cell phones because the frequency carriers do not like it very much.

New iPhones (including previous year’s models) allow one physical SIM and one eSIM, which allows you to add a secondary line on AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, or different overseas frequency carriers.

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All the new iPhones additionally have Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5 with Apple’s W1 quick-pairing chip, and the new U1 ultra-wideband positioning chip. Wi-Fi 6 did not alter much when paired with a Wi-Fi 6 router, and the U1 chip is of no meaningful use right now.

The iPhone Pros have a similar phone-calling expertise as the iPhone 11, with a capability for carrier Wi-Fi and LTE calling, along with the good available EVS codec for super-high-quality sound and a pretty effective speakerphone. Apple’s mobile phones have been excellent for calling for quite a few years now.

The iPhone 11 Pros has an exceptional battery life with fast charging. I obtained 7 hours, and 13 minutes of continuous video playback time on the iPhone 11 Pro and 8 hours, and 9 minutes on the 11 Pro Max, which is a great deal longer than I saw on previous generations of iPhones or the iPhone 11.

Even you can’t see up to the 10-hour video playback times on many high-end Android phones, but without any doubt clears us that iPhones are far, far better than Android phones when we aren’t using a battery with the screen off.

Put an Android cellphone sitting for numerous hours quietly, and background running applications tend to suck out the battery; you will see very fewer scenarios like this with iPhones.

A new 18-watt Fast Charger makes a massive difference when you want to charge these long-lasting batteries. The iPhone Eleven requires three hours or more to fill its battery with its old 5-watt charger. The iPhone 11 Pro Max took hardly 1 hour, and 50 minutes to charge with the 18-watt Charger.

Camera Captures the Night Mode

The iPhone Pro battery life is exceptional, but you’re in all likelihood of coming to the iPhone Pro line for the cameras.

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Three cameras are available on the back of both the iPhone Pros. On the rear, there are regular, wide-angle, and 2x zoom 12MP shooters. On the front, there is a 7MP selfie camera and an infrared Face ID camera. 2x zoom isn’t available on iPhone 11, maybe due to the fact you can imitate it with digital zoom.

Including the 3rd Camera on the back gives you some more sudden flexibility: Using this you can swap between 1x and 2x in portrait/bokeh mode, which wasn’t available in the previous year’s iPhones.

This Night mode feature would possibly do the trick. Apple’s Night mode combines an entire bunch of frames to make dramatic enhancements in low-light performance, and it’s adjustable primarily based on how long you’re inclined to wait and how much light you want to include.

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Huawei and Google’s Pixel mobile phones have already introduced night modes similar to this, but this is the first time we’re seeing this huge bounce on iPhones.

When you talk about responsiveness Apple’s camera software, and third-party camera and photo applications, are nevertheless way ahead of your average Android cellphone. You can take pictures instantly by tapping the shutter button, and with many third-party applications like Flimic Pro, you can add options like recording with different cameras at once.

Final Thoughts

The iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max are the excellent iPhones you can buy. But Apple and the cellphone industry have a lot coming over the next few years. We will most probably be going to see a 5G iPhone in the coming year, and maybe a pair of associate Augmented Reality glasses.

By telling you to purchase a very expensive iPhone 11 Pro now, am I stopping you from taking advantage of the coming year’s higher innovations? Maybe. If you still have an iPhone 6 and want to update it to the best iPhone available then don’t wait and go out to buy an iPhone 11 Pro—the difference in overall performance will amaze you.

As for which iPhone to buy, that mostly comes down to whether you decide upon medium or big phones. Bear in mind the iPhone 11 Pro Max is the first iPhone to compete on battery tests with top-level Android phones that give an edge to iPhone over Android. But Huawei Android phones are the way ahead in 5G implementation.

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