Who is Semina Halliwell of Southport?

Who is Semina Halliwell of Southport? Biography, Wiki, Age, Raped, Took Her Own Life, Mother’s Statement And Police Report

Who is Semina Halliwell of Southport? Biography, Wiki

Semina Halliwell died on 12th June after spending four nights in the hospital. Semina’s mother says her daughter was ‘traumatized’ after being treated and raped.

The mother of a 12-year-old “beautiful and funny” dead girl with a broken heart wants to start a charity on behalf of her daughter.

Semina Halliwell’s Age

Her current age was 12 years.

What Happened To Semina Halliwell?

Her mother said a “fun and beautiful” girl took her own life after months of physical and online bullying after she was raped.

Semina Halliwell died on June 12th after spending four days in hospital after months of agony.

Rachel Halliwell said she was ‘traumatized’ by online abuse following the sex crime allegedly committed by a boy of the same age on February 25.

And in April, she was physically assaulted twice in parks near her home in Southport, Merseyside.

Her Mother’s Statement

Shocking images of Ms. Halliwell show her daughter being beaten, kicked, and dragged across the floor by a group of girls.

Ms. Halliwell told the Liverpool Echo: “I want the whole country to see what my daughter went through.”

“I won’t stop until justice is done to my baby. You will never be forgotten.”

He said that even after his daughter’s funeral in June, people continued to leave terrible messages on social media.

Snapchat shows people laughing at his tragic death and threatening to ‘loot’ his grave.

Labor MP Apsana Begum raised the Semina case in a parliamentary committee on June 23.

He asked Education Secretary Gavin Williamson what else could be done to protect young children from sexual harassment and abuse.

Ms. Begum said, “I wanted to highlight the case of 12-year-old Semina who revealed that she was raped and committed suicide.”

Ms. Halliwell is in the process of starting a charity to raise awareness about online bullying and harassment.

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What Police Have Investigated Up Till Now & Semina Halliwell Cause of Death?

Merseyside Police have confirmed that they are investigating a rape report and other allegations relating to the same alleged victim.

A spokesman said: “We are continuing to investigate a rape report in Southport this February and various allegations regarding the same alleged victim made before and after his tragic death.”

“A report came in on March 23 that a 12-year-old girl was raped on February 25 at an address in Southport.”

“An investigation was opened and a minor voluntarily went to a police station for an interview.”

“Further investigation into this allegation and other matters related to the same alleged victim is ongoing and it would be inappropriate to make further comments at this point.”

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