Quantum Physics and the Future of Universe

Quantum Physics and The Future of Universe

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Quantum Physics For Beginners

In this article, we will discuss the Scope of Quantum Physics and how it is useful in predicting the future of the universe. Before moving towards our main topic i.e. Quantum Physics, Let’s discuss something about its old approach i.e. Classical Physics.   

What is Classical Physics?

The knowledge that is used to understand the behavior of matter and energy in the universe is called Classical Physics. In order to understand classical physics in a better way, Consider an example of the increasing speed of a train and the movement of birds flying in the air; both describes classical physics in our daily life. We can say that it gives the Macroscopic concept of the universe.

Classical Physics Equations
Classical Physics Equations  

What is Quantum Physics?

Unlike Classical Physics, quantum physics describes the behavior of the universe on a much smaller scale, such as atoms and further smaller particles. It gives scientists and engineers a new and deeper understanding of the facts of physics. It describes the mechanism of electrons, atoms, and molecules.

In physics, Quantum Theory refers to the interpretation of the particles (electrons, protons, neutrons, etc.) from which the substance is formed, as well as to examine how these particles interact with each other and energy. It gives the Microscopic Concept of the universe. 

Quantum Physics and The Future of Universe
Quantum Physics and The Future of Universe

Future Scope of Quantum Physics

Quantum Physics describes the interaction, breakage, and formation of new particles inside an atom. Semiconductors, Transistors, Computers, and Plastics, etc. are the result of quantum physics insights. Quantum physics, along with many other advances in the field of Physics in the 20th century, has the potential to make a tremendous contribution to human society. Especially from nuclear fusion making it possible to produce enormous energy, but in addition to it with nuclear weapons, there is also a risk of human destruction.

YouTube video

Source: Domain of Science

According to Science, It is impossible to create any substance suddenly and no substance can be eliminated completely. “Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything changes its shape or form”, said Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier, the founder of Modern Chemistry, who gave the theory about the inaccessibility or immutability of matter, but when we speak at the quantum level it is entirely different.

Christina Benny Chalmers, Fellow of Applied Physics at Harvard University says that “For a short period of time it is possible to create energy from space. It happens suddenly. We cannot predict when this will happen, but it happens”. She witnessed this moment of appearance and disappearance of energy during an experiment. In terms of Quantum Physics, when we talk about Space and Time, we use Nanometric Scales (which can measure a billionth of a meter) and can measure a very short-lived evolutionary wave which means one billionth of a second.

To do this experiment, researchers created an ‘Empty Space‘, which was completely free from the effects of light and warmness. They did this by lowering the temperature to a negative 269 0C , i.e. almost ‘Absolute Zero Temperature‘ and eliminating the possibility of the existence of every form or appearance of light that could contaminate this ‘Pure Environment.’

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Source: PBS Space Time

Benny Chalmers says, “A complete Empty Space can only be created at this temperature, we can’t make a space completely free (have nothing) from every effect.” You can read the Casimir effect which best describes the concept of nothingness.

Inside the device, researchers placed a special detecting crystal which reacts when the waves appeared and disappeared in this empty space. This remains after the discharge of substances and electromagnetic radiation into the empty space.

After Observing the changing properties as the waves appear and disappear on this crystal, Benny Chalmers and his team were able to measure the waves of the electromagnetic field. In Conventional physics, ‘Space‘ is the environment where no object exists. But this is not acknowledged in Quantum Theory. Even then, for a very brief moment, particles, waves, and energies in such an absolute space exist in such small quantities and invisible that they are currently impossible to measure.

Due to the fluctuations of these waves within the space, the abrupt and unstructured form of light erupts when an atom is dispersed. By measuring such waves can make a huge breakthrough in the field of Quantum Physics.

If we apply concepts of the quantum realm in Astrophysics we can have many questions about Dark Energy, Dark Matter, and is dark energy really the quantum vacuum energy? 


WMAP 5 Year Pie Chart (Dark Energy)
WMAP 5 Year Pie Chart (Dark Energy)

Source: Slideplayer | Published by Moris Dorsey

Although Benny Chalmers admits that we are still far from understanding these phenomena in a big way, but in present times they can help to uncover the mystery of quantum physics and the invisible particles that feel like a “soul“.

Check out the Quantum Physics Complete Documentary mentioned-below:

YouTube video

Source: Advexon Science Network

Through quantum physics, one thing is proved that the atoms and sub-atomic particles are constantly moving and changing. Atoms are interconnected in such a manner as they exchange particles and electrons move from one atom to another, exchange energy and matter. The main point of this view is that change goes through a gradual process rather than a continuum.


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