Who is Bella Bennett of Georgia, US?

Who is Bella Bennett of Georgia, US? Biography, Wiki, Age, Monument Falling, Killed, Family And Police Report

Who is Bella Bennett of Georgia, US? Biography, Wiki

Bella Bennett was a girl from Pierce County, Georgia. She died early Monday, hours after a stone monument in which she and her sister were playing collapsed and fell on her.

WJXT reported that Bennett was with her 8-year-old sister of hers at the Lee Street Resource Center in Blackshear on Sunday when the older girl jumped off the stone monument and knocked him down on Bennett.

A witness told the news network that he and the girls’ father could erect the monument while he immobilized Bennett’s head and shoulders.

Bella Bennett’s Age

Her current age was 5 years.

What Was The Incident?

As per the Blackshear police, the accident happened around 7.45 p.m. while Bella Bennett and her 8-year-old sister performed at the Lee Street Resource Center in Blackshear.

Police Chief Chris Wright told News4Jax that the older daughter jumped off the monument, causing the 300-pound stone to tip over and land on the younger sister.

The girl, who had just started kindergarten at Blackshear Elementary, was rushed to the hospital and then flown to Wolfson Children’s Hospital. She was pronounced dead at 3:45 a.m. Monday, said the boss.

A man who said he was trying to save Bella refused to give her name.

“The father was depressed the whole time trying to take the record away and he couldn’t,” he said.

“I tried to pick it up so he could get it out, but we couldn’t.”

Finally, it took three men to move the plate that covered half of the girl’s body.

Blackshear Assistant Principal Mandy Williams Statement

Blackshear Elementary Assistant Principal Mandy Williams said Bella loves animals, especially horses. But she preferred to play with her sister.

“It was one of her favorite activities,” said Williams, who has known Bella since kindergarten. “We are a family. Our school is a family, and the Pierce County nation is suffering right now. Pray for their families. Right now, what they need most are your prayers.”

When she was asked about her favorite memory of hers of Bella of hers, Williams said that she remembered how happy she was to be at school.

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“I would stand in the great room of the kindergarten,” Williams said. I’d say, There is Bella.” She’s so excited to see me. Can’t you see how excited she is and she would be a little depressed, so could you say that she was happy to be there?”

What Police Have Investigated Up Till Now?

Police said the two sisters lived with their grandmother one block from the Lee Street Resource Center.

The photos only show lightning on the fallen monument. Police said they will investigate how this tragedy occurred.

Priests, deacons, and parishioners gathered on the grounds Monday afternoon to honor and commemorate Bella.

“This community needs you, oh Lord,” prayed one of the mourners. “We need you, Lord, as we have never needed you before.”

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