Who is Beheshta Arghand of Afghanistan?

Who is Beheshta Arghand of Afghanistan? Biography, Wiki, Age, TOLOnews Anchor, Flees Country And Career

Who is Beheshta Arghand of Afghanistan? Biography, Wiki

Beheshta Arghand, the anchorperson of TOLOnews, an Afghan news channel, interviewed a senior Taliban official. The interview made headlines around the world.

A journalist flees Afghanistan after a crucial interview with the spokeswoman for the Taliban because she fears the terrorist group.

Beheshta Arghand’s Age

Her current age is 24 years.

Beheshta Arghand Flees Her Country Afghanistan

On August 17, Beheshta Arghand made history by interviewing TOLONews after the Taliban took control of Kabul.

Two days later, he interviewed Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani activist who survived a bullet to the head in a Taliban attack in 2012.

The first interview was reportedly the first time a woman had interviewed a member of the Taliban live on television.

At the same time, according to TOLONews, the second has been described as the first time Malala has been interviewed on Afghan television.

As Ms. Arghand and other women have appeared at the station in recent years when the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, the question of whether women should continue working in the media has been raised.

Ms. Arghand has now told CNN that she is fleeing the country out of fear amid reports of Taliban abuse of women.

He wrote to the American channel WhatsApp: “I left the country because, like millions of people, I am afraid of the Taliban”.

What Was The TOLOnews Channel Statement?

Saad Mohseni, the owner of TOLONews, said Ms. Arghand’s case is an indication of the situation in the country now that the militant group is in the driver’s seat.

“Almost all of our most famous reporters and journalists are gone,” he told CNN. “We worked like crazy to replace them with new people.”

“We have the double challenge of getting people out [because they don’t feel safe] and keeping the operation going,” She added.

TOLONews is a 24-hour news channel founded in Afghanistan in 2004 after the US invasion of the country which overthrew the Taliban.

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Now that the United States has agreed to leave the country after 20 years of occupation, the Taliban have regained control of the country and fear is that women will be among the most vulnerable under the new Taliban administration.

Beheshta Arghand’s Statement

Arghand, just 24, told CNN he “worked at TOLONews for a month and 20 days before the Taliban took control.”

Previously, she had studied journalism for four years at Kabul University, then worked for various news agencies and radio stations.

“Her interview with the Taliban spokesman on August 17 was the first time in Afghan history that a representative of the Taliban sat down to a presenter in a television studio,” Mohseni told the Washington Post.

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