Who is Jasmine Clifford of Lyndhurst, Hampshire?

Who is Jasmine Clifford of Lyndhurst, Hampshire? Biography, Wiki, Age, Accused, Selling Fake Vaccination Cards, Instagram Scam And Police Report

Who is Jasmine Clifford of Lyndhurst, Hampshire? Biography, Wiki

Manhattan prosecutors said Tuesday that Lyndhurst’s Jasmine Clifford sold fake Centers for Disease Control and Prevention vaccination cards for 200 USD each and entry into the legitimate New York City database for an additional 250 USD.

On Tuesday, the New Jersey stripper was exposed as the suspected mastermind of a plan to sell fake vaccination cards on social media, but an internet sleuth has already uncovered the unhealthy scam of his $2M viewers on TikTok.

Jasmine Clifford’s Age

Her current age is 31 years.

Jasmine Clifford Accused of Selling Fake Vaccination Cards Over Instagram

Clifford, of Lyndhurst, NJ, was charged Tuesday with offering a counterfeit instrument, criminal possession of a counterfeit instrument, and conspiracy.

As per the authorities, around 250 fake vaccination cards have been sold in recent months.

Alleged co-conspirator Nadayza Barkley, of Bellport, Long Island, did not file a guilty plea or charge of improper instrument and conspiracy in Manhattan Criminal Court on Tuesday morning.

What Was the Prosecutors Statement?

Prosecutors say Barkley entered at least 10 names into the state’s vaccine database while working at a Patchogue medical clinic and received payments from Clifford through Cell and CashApp for his work.

Court files online had no attorneys for Clifford or Barkley to comment on.

Thirteen suspected ticket buyers have also been charged, including a man accused of paying to access the database. Current COVID-19 vaccines are available for free.

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. urged Instagram owner Facebook and other tech companies to crack down on vaccine identity fraudsters, saying in a statement that “the fight against identity cards is at stake”.

Facebook said it banned anyone from buying or selling COVID-19 vaccine cards and deleted Clifford’s account in early August for breaking its rules.

“We will be looking at any other accounts that might do the same,” the company said in a written statement. “We appreciate the prosecutor’s work on this case and will remove this content as soon as we find it.”

Prosecutors said Clifford, a self-proclaimed online entrepreneur, started selling fake vaccination cards from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention through her AntiVaxMomma Instagram account in May.

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What Police Have Investigated Up Till Now?

A New York State Police investigator, who learned of the scam a few weeks later, tested it by contacting Clifford to request a fake card and add it to the vaccine database of the State, prosecutors said.

In July, the investigator said in court records. You received a package containing a CDC COVID-19 vaccination card with the name and date of birth you provided, along with a cell phone screenshot showing that the information you provided was also entered in the government database.

The spread of fake vaccination cards is a growing concern. In more places, proof of vaccination is required to work, eat out, and participate in daily activities like going to the gym or watching a movie.

In New York, this mandate is already in place and its application will begin on the 13th of September.

All public school teachers and other students in the city are due to receive their first dose of the vaccine by September 27, while the state has said it will impose vaccination on medical workers.

Other city workers are said to be vaccinated or tested for the virus every week.

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