Who is Pauline Bauer of Pennsylvania, US?

Who is Pauline Bauer of Pennsylvania, US? Biography, Wiki, Age, Hearing, Capitol Riot Arrest & Jailed Again

Who is Pauline Bauer of Pennsylvania, US? Biography, Wiki

Pauline Bauer, of Kane, Pennsylvania, Remains in federal court in Washington, DC after a Bond hearing on Friday in which she allegedly again argued with a federal judge that she was not a person and that he was not had any jurisdiction.

Following the 6th January riot on the Capitol, Bauer entered a restricted building, engaged in disorderly conduct in a restricted building, and committed violent or disorderly behavior on the Capitol grounds.

Bauer, who represents herself, was jailed last week by U.S. District Judge Trevor McFadden after refusing to comply with the terms of her release.

Pauline Bauer’s Age

Her age isn’t clear yet.

Pauline Bauer Capitol Riot Arrest & Jailed Again

The owner of the pizzeria in Pennsylvania, who backs Trump, has been defending herself since her arrest on federal charges relating to the siege of the United States Capitol on the 6th.

Pauline Bauer got agitated again on Friday and learned that she would stay in. prison for it.

Just a week ago, US District Judge Trevor McFadden, appointed by Donald Trump, reluctantly quashed Bauers at the trial because he was “very concerned that [Bauer] was willing to fulfill [his] conditions of detention”.

“You are a small business owner. I don’t want to lock you up. It would help if he didn’t lose his restaurant,” the judge said a week ago. “I don’t like to do this, but he made it clear that he feels above the law.” After that, Bauer was taken to jail, practically kicked, and screamed. Things didn’t go much better on Friday.

After Bauer referred to the Bible while repeating the words of the sovereign citizen, the judge responded with his own verse from the Bible.

What Was The Trial?

As Scott MacFarlane, a WRC-TV affiliate in Washington, DC NBC, noted, Bauer’s continued pre-trial detention is the result of his “unique and deeply self-destructive episode,” in particular refusing proper legal advice and a refusal to recognize that the laws of the United States are applicable to them.

For reference, see the introduction to your 114-page petition challenging the jurisdiction of the tribunal (which the tribunal previously rejected): Bauer was not charged with violence on January 6. The FBI cited social media posts and photos showing her on Capitol Hill, including a video that allegedly showed she said she wanted to hang House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi, D.

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“Take them out,” Bauer is said to have said when recorded by a police camera. “We want you here. . . You take them out or we go in. Take them out now. They are criminals. You have to hang up. Take it out Bring Nancy Pelosi here now. We wanna hang that bitch. Take it out We’ll get in if you can’t find it. What are you trying to protect a fucking Nazi? Is that what you are protecting?”

Pauline Bauer was indicted on 4th June for obstructing the process and aiding and abetting the process; enter and stay in a building or on restricted land; Disorderly and disruptive behavior in a building or a restricted area; disorderly behavior in a Capitol; and parades, demonstrations or pickets in front of a Capitol.

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