Who is Olivia King?

Who is Olivia King? Biography, Wiki, Age, Killed, Kroger Tennessee Mass Shooting Fatal Victim & Family Statement

Who is Olivia King? Biography, Wiki

Olivia King is identified as the woman who was killed in the shooting at Kroger.

Police said Friday that the shooter was in a shootout at a Kroger grocery store that killed one person and injured 14 others was a Kroger field worker who died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Olivia King’s Age

Her current age was 70 years.

Kroger Tennessee Mass Shooting Fatal Victim

Dale Lane, chief of police in Collierville, said at a news conference Friday that a total of 15 people had been shot, including Oliv,,,,,mia King, 70, who died from her injuries and in poor condition.

Ten of the victims in the shooting were Kroger employees and five were customers, Lane said.

Lane confirmed that the suspected shooter was a sniper. You have seen some minor changes in your criminal history. “I believe in felony arrests, but nothing has to do with violence,” Lane said.

He said authorities issued a search warrant on Thursday night in the alleged attacker’s home at a local apartment complex, seized electronic devices and other evidence, and another person was questioned.

The police did not provide a motive or what type of weapon it was.

Olivia King Killed

Olivia King’s family identified her as the murdered victim and believed she went to church for daily mass on Thursday morning before going to the store to shop.

“Our family is devastated by this senseless act of violence. We ask you to pray for the rest of our mother Olivia’s soul,” one of her sons, Wes King, told ABC News.

“We also ask everyone to pray for all families and friends affected by today’s events and for God’s mercy on Sagittarius and his family. Thanks very much.”

All 44 shop workers at the time of the shooting were found, Chief Dale Lane told a press conference Thursday night, noting that the crime scene was ‘significant’.

Police said some were hiding in locked freezers and desks when gunfire broke out around 1:30 p.m. local time. An employee fled to the roof and was brought to safety by the police.

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UK Thang Suspected Shooter

The alleged shooter also died of a gunshot wound that was apparently self-inflicted, the police said.

On Friday, authorities identified the alleged shooter as 29-year-old UK Thang, a third-party supplier to Kroger.

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