Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles California

Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles, CA (2023)

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Best Lawyer For Motorcycle Accident in California

Today we’re going to talk about the best motorcycle accident lawyer insurance in Los Angeles. As you know in Los Angeles, California, all motorcyclists are required to have liability insurance, but not all insurance is created equal.

So today I’m going to talk about the types of motorcycle accident lawyer insurance and at the end of the article, I’ll name my top 5 insurance companies for motorcycle accident lawyers in Los Angeles.

Liability Insurance

Let’s start with motorcycle accident lawyer liability insurance. You must have liability insurance in California. It’s usually just referred to as liability and is a 15-30-5 policy. This means you have $15,000 on a car that hits $30,000 per accident and $5,000 in property damage coverage. Well, motorcyclists rarely get property damage coverage.

This is why so many insurance companies are involved in motorcycle accident lawyer insurance. You see ads for Progressive and Geico. Everyone tries to sell you mandatory motorcycle accident lawyer insurance but they know they don’t have to pay any claims.

Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles California
Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Los Angeles, California

When was the last time you heard a motorcycle hurt someone? In my years of experience, it only happens when you meet another cyclist, pedestrian, or fall passenger. Hence, it is very rare for you to use your liability insurance.

Collision Coverage

The next type of motorcycle accident lawyer insurance coverage is known as collision coverage. Collision coverage pays off for damage to your bike if you get into an accident or drop your bike.

Complete Comprehensive Motorcycle Accident Insurance

The next type of motorcycle accident lawyer insurance coverage is called fully comprehensive insurance. This includes everything that is not included in the collision coverage. For example, if your bike is stolen or damaged for a reason other than a collision.

This is important, especially if you have a high-end or specialty bike, as California leads the US on stolen bikes. So I recommend fully comprehensive insurance, especially if you have a high-end bike or a high-end new bike.

Uninsured Auto Insurance

The next type of insurance for motorcycle accident lawyers in Los Angeles attorneys is called uninsured auto insurance. That is, if you get hit by an uninsured car, your insurance company will step in to pay for your injuries and damages.

This is technically a requirement in California, but almost all insurance companies have signed a waiver to release the uninsured portion of their policy to motorists. I think coverage is important for uninsured motorists as there are 4 million uninsured drivers in California.

If you sign up for uninsured car insurance, you can also sign up for what is known as insured car insurance. That said, if you are hit by someone who has a $15,000 policy but your damage or injury is far in excess of what is uninsured, auto coverage may apply.

Let me give you a quick example. For example, let’s say someone hits you and you have a lot of medical bills, and this insurance company is offering or willing to pay the $15,000 well. If that’s all it is you get $15,000, but if you have Insufficient coverage for motorists, for example, the $25,000, and then you get the difference between the $15,000 and the extra $25,000 or more $10,000 to pay for your damages and injuries. The meaning of this is that your own insurance company puts itself in the position of the defendant and they fight it as if it were going against another third party.

Another important aspect of uninsured and uninsured car insurance is that someone on the 91 or 805 freeway who is involved in a motorcycle accident changes lanes and brings you back and forth it’s on the ground.

To make an uninsured car claim, you need to do two things. There must be contact with the uninsured driver, the vehicle that picked up the vehicle that was hit, we will name it, and there must also be a traffic accident report. Of course, you do not have the license number because it will only be tracked down and it is no longer an uninsured motor vehicle claim. It’s a hit-and-run that is a crime if injured. So if you have an accident with someone who picks up, I’m sure there is contact, and make sure you get a traffic accident report.

Health Insurance Coverage (Motorcycle Accident Lawyer)

The next type of insurance for motorcycle accident lawyers in Los Angeles attorneys is known as health insurance coverage. Well, most of the insurance companies that don’t offer medical payment cover are called medical payment cover. This covers any medical expenses you might incur following an accident, Copays, or deductibles. It could be $1,000, $2,000, or $5,000, The importance of it, it’s not really free money because there is a clause in this insurance contract that the insurance company writes that if you recover from a third party, you have the culpable driver to reimburse your own insurance company for your medical payment coverage.

So it might help you pay for those short-term co-payments and deductibles, but once your case is cleared, you’ll need to reimburse your own insurance company. I would not recommend medical payment coverage.

Supplementary Insurance

The next motorcycle accident insurance in Los Angeles I recommend for motorcycle accident attorneys is called Supplementary Insurance. This will cover your helmet and any writing or safety gear will not cover your GoPro. It doesn’t cover your iPhone, but it’s important because if you’re in an accident, get a free helmet or a new helmet and replace all of your riding gear.

All you need are two things. You need the receipts. If you don’t have the receipts, go online and print out what it’s worth. And he had photos of the damaged property.

Towing and Storage

The next type of insurance for motorcycle accident attorneys is called towing and storage. Again, this is another one that I don’t recommend. Here your bike will be towed to a trailer yard. Uh, but if it stays there it could be a deposit sale.

However, when you get the traffic accident report, you can make a claim with the insurance company on the other hand, who will tow you to a vacant place. I always recommend that if you want coverage you only get the Car Club card, which offers free membership and towing service.

Once you do, you will have to pay for your storage as well, but the third party, the guilty driver’s insurance company, will reimburse the money. Therefore, I am not recommending the cost or expense of towing and warehouse coverage.

And finally, I’ll give you my top 5 motorcycle accident lawyer attorney insurance companies in Los Angeles, California. This is now based on ratings.


It’s better for the military insurance and their families. In fact, it is only for military personnel and their families. It’s a great insurance company.

#4 Dairyland Insurance Company

Also known as the Insurance Company of the Century. They are good for older drivers. Uh, with a safe driving shot. I recommend them to my clients. I have that. I’ve been driving for years.

#3 Markel, MA, R, K, EL Insurance (Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Los Angeles Company)

Uh, they’re the best, just because of responsibility, or the cheapest. You have a good service for costumers. They cost about $50 a month. I like Markel. Very good.

#2 Main Insurance Company (Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Los Angeles)

Because I like it Well, they’re the only insurance company in California that covers tracking days. Here’s how they get number two and drum rolls, please.

#1 Progressive Insurance Company

My first choice for the best Los Angeles, California motorcycle accident lawyer attorney insurance company is Progressive Insurance Company. They have excellent customer service. They have great advertising and low fees. I think they cost $55 a month just for liability. Um, they have $250 in lost wages and a 24/7 customer service number with a great Android application. I can only recommend the progressive insurance company.

Final Words For The Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Los Angeles, CA

Now I am going to give you one final note. The insurance company that I don’t recommend, that I don’t think is biker friendly. Uh, and that’s not my opinion, it’s based on the Geico insurance company’s 2 million consumer affairs reviews. They have a 2.9-star rating and are not as motorcycle-friendly as they claim to be.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to ask us in the comments.

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