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10+ Best Free Android Apps of 2020

10+ Best Free Android Apps of 2020 for your mobile during lockdown

In this article, I will guide you on how to download 10+ best free android apps of 2020 without root. There are some free apps or you can say best sites available to download paid android apps for free.

In this situation of coronavirus lockdown, the owners of these premium apk apps free download make it freely available for every android user.

Let’s discuss these best free android apps one by one in detail:

Smart Voice Recorder PRO HD

Snipback Voice recorder is an intelligent revolution for light audio recordings. Most of the times simple dictation machine is not enough so you require an advanced, distinct and very intelligent audio recorder.

Using this voice recording app in HD quality, it is easy to capture the highlights of ambient noise, audio, music or speech and then convert it into fast and easily accessible voice memos (small audio notes or quick voice memos).

It’s like an HQ dictation machine that creates high-quality small WAV files. It also eliminates background noise (noise cancellation).

In addition, this voice recorder app has a hidden microphone recording function: you can start recording the microphone with a black screen and record voice memos with a background recorder.

This app is excellent for any bad relationship, intimidating at work or even to have a dream conversation with someone.

ShoStory Editor Tool

ShoStory is the best IG story editor and creator that lets you edit IG stories and create amazing Insta Chroma stories that highlight your stories and increase your followers and likes on Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Pinterest, Tik Tok and others.

Impossible Reality 3D Pro lwp

It is an amazing 3D wallpaper on Google Play for your phone or tablet! Welcome to the world of Escher’s impossible reality!

Full 3D version of one of the best M.C. Esher’s “Relativity” creations with an incredible universe where normal gravity laws don’t apply!

Now you can learn this fantastic, really deep painting with the help of 5 different cameras! 2 cinematic tour cameras lead every corner of this fascinating backdrop.

Soft lighting and a realistic photographic look go perfectly with the background of the phone.

Ekstar Browser

It is one of the fastest and lightest web browser for Android mobile. The Ekstar browser is very light, contains only what you need and allows you to surf the Internet at the speed of light 🙂

Train Away

TrainAway is an android app that automatically guide its users on how to train their dogs for many hours a day. It just takes a short amount of time for the user.

TrainAway uses counter-conditioning in combination with neutral or positive reinforcement elements to reduce or eliminate stressful behavior with different sounds.

Vintage Camera – Dazz

Dazz camera is your ultimate pocket photographer.

No post-processing required, the most realistic photo or movie video is instantly displayed with a single click.

The Dazz camera is inspired by the retro cinema camera from the 80s. Based on the tests of the film, we are 100% restoring the color, texture and noise of the film. You can see an amazing light leak effects as well.

Memory Booster Pro – Calm Brain Booster App

Brain Booster Pro – Keep Calm is a top-rated android app that is used for relaxation, yoga, meditation, brain stimulation, inner and memory growth of a user.

So if you are so stressed and need some relaxation, download this app and stay calm.

With this app you grow internally and can think more about the environment and easily understand things.

The aim of of this android app is to offer a new experience to the users.

File Explorer PRO

It is a small, simple, fast and efficient file explorer android app. You can also say it is one of the best file manager android app on the Google Play Store.

Only the file manager supports RTL and shows the size of the folders in all branches. The file manager is designed for all Android devices, including phones, phablets, tablets and Android TV.

AudioPro™ Music Player

It’s a unique music player with a powerful, multi-featured EQ that is better than any other audio player available for your Android mobile phone.

This audio player is one of the best music players with simplest design.

Widgets – CPU | RAM | Battery

CPU Widgets is a collection of CPU, RAM and battery widgets that display live information directly on the home screen.

The CPU widgets application contains 10 widgets 4×2, 4×1, 2×2, 2×1 and 1×1.

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