Who is Helmut Oberlander?

Who is Helmut Oberlander? Biography, Wiki, Age, Ex-Nazi Interpreter, Died At 97, Net Worth, Family & Construction

Who is Helmut Oberlander? Biography, Wiki

Helmut Oberlander was a member of the Nazi death squad, whose unit is said to have killed TWO MILLION people.

He died without facing justice.

His family said Oberlander died “surrounded by loved ones” at his home in Ontario, Canada.

Helmut Oberlander’s Age

His current age was 97 years.

Helmut Oberlander Net Worth

As per various online resources, Helmut Oberlander’s net worth was 4M US dollars at the age of 97 years old.

Short Bio
First NameHelmut
Last NameOberlander
Age97 Years
Zodiac SignAquarius
Date Of Birth15th February 1924
Place Of BirthMolochansk

Helmut Oberlander Ex-Nazi Interpreter Died At 97

As per his family, Oberlander, the former star of a Nazi death squad during World War II, died in Waterloo, Ontario.

He died at his home on Wednesday. A statement from the family said he was “surrounded by relatives.”

“Despite the challenges in his life, he stood firm in his faith,” said the statement Oberlander’s attorney, Ronald Poulton, sent to CBC News.

“He found comfort in his family and the support of many members of his community. He made generous donations to charity, supported his church, and was a loving family man. We miss him so much.”

Since 1995, Oberländer has been involved in a legal dispute with the federal government over the retention of its citizenship.

Earlier this month, Oberlander was the subject of an admissibility hearing by the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board to see if he could stay in Canada.

The federal government argued that Oberlander lied to Canadian authorities about his war activities, although there was no evidence that he was involved in atrocities.

Member Of The Nazi Death Squad

The Ukraine-born former Nazi interpreter was the subject of a hearing before the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board earlier this month.

He moved to Canada in 1954 and became a citizen six years later, but the government claimed that he had emigrated on the pretext.

Oberländer said he was recruited under threat of death for his role in Einsatzkommando 10a when he was a teenager.

However, he insisted that he was never involved in a murder during his conscription from 1941 to 1943.

Helmut Oberlander’s family had previously requested that he be considered a former child soldier because he had been “forcibly recruited” at the age of 17.

As per the National Post, his death squad, dubbed a “mobile killing unit” by a Canadian judge, was responsible for the gruesome slaughter of more than two million people, most of them Jews.

Other reports list multiple victims, with some claiming that the unit only killed 40,000 people during World War II.

Oberlander was not charged with participating in executions, but he was on the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s list of most wanted Nazi war criminals.

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His new life in Canada was embroiled in a ten-year legal battle with authorities over his citizenship.

He was one of the first to be targeted by a war crimes unit established by the federal government in the 1990s.

However, due to the time elapsed and the difficulty in obtaining criminal convictions, the authorities decided to deport the Oberlander.

His Canadian citizenship was revoked in 2001, 2007, and 2012; the decisions were overturned by the courts.

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