Who is Fationa Nikolli of West Midlands, UK?

Who is Fationa Nikolli of West Midlands, UK? Biography, Wiki, Age, Covid-Infected, Pregnant Mum, Lost Her Baby

Who is Fationa Nikolli of West Midlands, UK? Biography, Wiki

Pregnant mother Fatationa Nikolli lost her ‘healthy’ baby after waiting two and a half hours in a hospital parking lot because she had the Covid.

She was almost 32 weeks pregnant when told to wait outside Birmingham Women’s Hospital in the West Midlands until a single room was found for her.

Fationa Nikolli’s Age

Her age isn’t clear yet.

Covid-Infected Pregnant Mum Lost Her Baby

Fatationa Nikolli, who was nearly 32 weeks pregnant, went to Birmingham Women’s Hospital in the West Midlands around 10 a.m. on 6th July for fear that she might not be able to smell the baby.

But the mother of two who tested positive for Covid-19 would have to wait outside until a single room can be found for her.

When she was finally admitted at 12:30 p.m., she underwent an emergency Caesarean section, but unfortunately, her baby was stillborn.

Ms. Nikolli, who lives five minutes from Quinton Hospital, says a doctor told her, “If you had come sooner, I could have saved the baby.”

She says that almost three months later, she is still awaiting responses to the tragedy as she has not heard from the hospital.

Trust Apologized To Fationa Nikolli

The Birmingham NHS Foundation for Women and Children Trust apologized to Ms. Nikolli and said an investigation was underway.

The Trust also said it had “made immediate changes and improvements to the way pregnant women with Covid-19 are treated”.

Ms. Nikolli said her doctor had examined her the day before and told her the baby was healthy.

She told BirminghamLive: “If I had been hospitalized earlier, the baby might still be alive.”

“I went with Covid and called the hospital”; I said, “I want to come because I can’t smell the baby.”

“They said ‘yes, come on’ and when I got to the hospital they left me in the parking lot for two and a half hours.”

Although she pleaded with doctors that it was an emergency, they said she would have to wait until a separate room was found, away from other patients.

She continued, “I told them, ‘I can’t smell the baby, you have to take me to the hospital now and not leave me in the parking lot.”

“I stayed in the parking lot because they said I couldn’t get in because I was (Covid-) positive. They said they had to find me a room.”

“I waited two and a half hours outside the hospital and when I walked in I waited (another) 20 minutes.”

Statement By Fatona Nikolli

Ms. Nikolli continued, “When the doctor visited him, he said, ‘He is still alive, but the heart is too slow.”

“The doctor said he would have a cesarean in 30 minutes, but ‘it’s too late to save the baby; If you came home sooner, I could save the baby, but it’s too late now.”

“And I lost my baby.”

She added, “They told me to see the baby. I told them I didn’t want me not to be ready for this.”

The mother was then taken to the nearby Queen Elizabeth Hospital for treatment as the oxygen in her blood was too low due to Covid-19.

Ms. Nikolli said she now wanted answers to the causes of the tragedy.

She added, “I asked the hospital to do the autopsy and they told me we had to wait three months.”

“I don’t know anything yet and I’m waiting. I called you several times to find out something.”

“Maybe it’s because I tested positive for coronavirus, I don’t know.”

What Police Have Investigated Up Till Now?

Dr. Fiona Reynolds, Medical Director of Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We sincerely apologize and extend our condolences to Fatona and her family.”

“We couldn’t be there for them as we wanted or expected.”

“We have made several immediate changes and improvements to the way we treat women with Covid positive if we see an increase or an increase in attendance to ensure that all women and babies are cared for safely.”

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“A full investigation into what happened is underway so that we can understand why Fatationa’s baby died and if something else could have been done to prevent this devastating outcome.”

“Our goal is to put family in the spotlight in any investigation to ensure their voices are heard.”

“A high ranking midwife has contacted you through our grieving midwives in constant and regular contact with Fatona, who will continue to support you in any way possible.”

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