Who is Maxwell Nicholls?

Who is Maxwell Nicholls? Biography, Wiki, Age, Punched Muslim Soldier After Racially Abusing Him

Who is Maxwell Nicholls? Biography, Wiki

Maxwell Nicholls allegedly racially insulted Azaan Aziz-Sheikh at a drunken party with interns in a Wetherspoon pub and previously told him that Islam was a ‘fraud’.

A panel learned that Nicholls and his friend Declan Coutts mocked their colleague on a Windsor base before ‘cutting’ and kicking him in the face.

Maxwell Nicholls Age

His age isn’t clear yet.

Maxwell Nicholls Punched Muslim Soldier After Racially Abusing Him

Soldiers Maxwell Nicholls and Declan Coutts also reportedly caused Private Scott Alexander to suffocate and headache, soaked his bed in water several times, and stole his ironing board and boots, the panel learned.

In addition, Nicholls and Coutts are charged with assaulting a fellow Muslim, Corporal Azaan Aziz-Sheikh, who the former allegedly called him “little dark man” and both allegedly assaulted him, Bulford’s court-martial in Wiltshire.

Nicholls, who is English, and Coutts, from Scotland, were roommates in a Windsor barracks with Alexander, who speaks with a heavy Northern Irish accent.

Lt. Matthew Poulsom, who heads the prosecution, told the court, “Cvr Nicholls and Cvr Coutts have launched an ongoing campaign of intimidation against [Alexander]. They repeatedly pushed him to the ground, sat on his chest, strangled and suffocated him, and made racist remarks. They often made racial slurs against him as a Northern Irishman, making derogatory references to the IRA.”

Poulsom alleged that Nicholls yelled racist comments at Aziz-Sheikh in a Windsor pub in October 2020. Nicholls and Coutts are said to have attacked him in the barracks.


When he testified, Alexander said that his relationship with his roommates had become ‘uncomfortable’ within a week.

He said, “I had insults against myself after they got my accent. Many derogatory terms have been used. As for car bombs, my name was Gerry Adams and they said I was with the IRA. I think it was said in a pretty focused way, not pretty.”

Eleanor Lucas, a lawyer representing Nicholls, said the behavior was “harmless boos between friends”. Cathryn Sutcliffe, for Coutts, accused Alexander of “inventing it on the fly”.

TPR Jamie Bartlett, who was in the pub when racist comments were made against Aziz-Sheikh, said Nicholls called him a “little dark man”.

The incidents reportedly occurred between July and November 2020. Nicholls and Coutts are facing a battery charge made worse by the Alexander race and another version of the storm.

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The couple also faced racial abuse charges against Alexander.

Nicholls is charged with two religious battery charges, aggravated by beatings, and two other battery and battery charges, all related to alleged attacks on Aziz-Sheikh. Coutts is charged with assault and assault against Aziz-Sheikh. You deny all allegations.

The process continues.

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