Queen Elizabeth II in Rare Outing With Her Walking Stick

The Queen received an unusual gift to greet the crowd

Last Updated on: 3rd July 2023, 09:01 pm

The Queen received an unusual gift to greet the crowd

Queen Elizabeth II was the head of Britain for 17 years, during which time she has attended a number of public and private royal engagements.

One of the gestures you should always make is an animated, welcoming hand gesture to everyone you meet. During the hours he spends with the crowd, His Highness never loses the patience to constantly show his royal salute.

One student felt the ordeal and decided to give the monarch a fake hand to replace her when she got tired. The incident was recounted by the Queen’s daughter, Princess Anne, in 1980.

Speaking about Parkinson’s, Anne shared that the gift was renewed during the 95-year Royal Tour of Australia in 1970.

She said: “In the late 1960s there were still one or two rowdy students.”

“And three of them stood out from the crowd with that hand, and it was a kind of stuffed glove, for want of a better word, with a joint. And these three presented it to the Queen, I think I thought they were really quite fat and quite cheeky.”

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“And the Queen took it off and said, ‘Thank you, that’s what I’ve always wanted! And they literally lowered their faces because it wasn’t exactly the reaction they were hoping for!”

When asked where the hand is now, the Princess Royal shared: “We never saw it again. So if they check, maybe they’ll make us another one.”

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