Champions With Waqar Zaka Reality Show Aired On BOL Entertainment

“Champions” With Waqar Zaka Reality Show Aired On BOL Entertainment

What’s the Champions Reality Show All About?

Champions“, a reality show of the most controversial and talented host Waqar Zaka. Another reality show by Waqar Zaka has been on-aired on BOL Entertainment.

As per the three released episodes by “Champions” Waqar Zaka shows that the reality program would be more exciting, daring and 30 days for the contestants would be more challenging, and worth watching for the viewers. The teaser, marketing, and promotion indicated the show had been a roller coaster for competitors and viewers.

Champions” is a youth reality show aired on BOL Entertainment and presented by the legendary and controversial Waqar Zaka.

As part of the program, a group of participants will not only live together in a controlled environment but also travel to different destinations and take part in various tasks that challenge their physical and mental strength or make a headstand for a full minute.

Candidates are selected through auditions in which Waqar Zaka assesses their actions with unconventional means as never before. Participants are eliminated weekly until there is only one champion left.

Champions, an exciting roller coaster ride, will be the show to watch from the prelude phase to the Grand Finale!

The program’s first episode was aired on BOL TV on 2nd October 2019. Champions episodes can be watched every Monday and Tuesday at 07:00 PM and repeat episodes can be seen every Monday and Tuesday at 11:30 PM.

Champion’s With Waqar Zaka Contestants

Bol champions with Waqar zaka started with the 15 bol champions contestants in the BOL house. The BOL Champions contestants names with their age, hometown, and show status are shown below:

Name of ContestantHometownAgeShow Status
Maria JanKarachi, Sindh22Eliminated in Episode 22
Hammad Ali KhanKarachi, Sindh23Winner
Abiha FatimaKarachi, Sindh19Still in the Game Show
Muhammad YahyaKarachi, Sindh21Eliminated in Episode 21
Rabail SheikhIslamabad28Eliminated in Episode 21
Sidra LakhaniKarachi, Sindh28Eliminated in Episode 22
Balach MasudQuetta, Balochistan29Evicted in Episode 15
Rehan JuttLahore27Evicted in Episode 15
Tooba MansoorKarachi, Sindh22Evicted in Episode 15
Zeeshan AhmedHyderabad, Interior Sindh27Evicted in Episode 15
Aamir SiyalLarkana, Interior Sindh25Still in the Game Show
Daniya KanwalMalir, Karachi22Evicted in Episode 20
Muhammad BilalKarachi22Still in the Show
Rubaisha Ajaz
Karachi21Eliminated in Episode 20
Kashaf Ansari

Now after the release of 22 episodes of champions with Waqar zaka game show the top three contestants are Bilal AKA Kutto, Aamir Siyal, and Abiha Fatima but no one knows what will happen in the upcoming episodes.

Champion’s With Waqar Zaka Episode 1

Champion’s With Waqar Zaka Episode 2

Champion’s With Waqar Zaka Episode 3

Champion’s With Waqar Zaka Episode 4

Champion’s With Waqar Zaka Episode 5

Champion’s With Waqar Zaka Episode 6

Champion’s With Waqar Zaka Episode 7

Champion’s With Waqar Zaka Episode 8

Champion’s With Waqar Zaka Episode 9

Champion’s With Waqar Zaka Episode 10

Champion’s With Waqar Zaka Episode 11

Champion’s With Waqar Zaka Episode 12

Champion’s With Waqar Zaka Episode 13

Champion’s With Waqar Zaka Episode 14

Champion’s With Waqar Zaka Episode 15

Champion’s With Waqar Zaka Episode 16

Champion’s With Waqar Zaka Episode 17

Champion’s With Waqar Zaka Episode 18

Champion’s With Waqar Zaka Episode 19

Champion’s With Waqar Zaka Episode 20

Champion’s With Waqar Zaka Episode 21

Champion’s With Waqar Zaka Episode 22

You can also check out the complete review of Champions with Waqar Zaka Episode 22

Champion’s With Waqar Zaka Episode 23

Who is the winner of Champions With Waqar Zaka 2020?

The Grand Finale of Champions was taken place on 16 December 2020. This episode was also streamed live on youtube to clear the doubts of all the viewers. In this finale again all the contestants were given the chance to participate and won the trophy and prize money.

Finally, after all the tasks performed in the grand finale, Hammad Ali Khan is declared as the winner of Champions with Waqar Zaka season 1.

Who is Waqar zaka and Is he the founder of Reality Shows In Pakistan?

Waqar was born on July 17, 1980, in Sargodha, Pakistan. Waqar started off his career in 1997 with the release of the song “Nahi Pada Mene Poora Sall“. He became Video Jockey in 2005. He created and presented many reality shows in Pakistan.

Waqar Zaka is Pakistan’s popular TV presenter, concept author, director, producer, and founder of reality TV shows in Pakistan also considered as ‘Daredevil’. He was also the Deputy Vice President of ARY Musik.

He did his matriculation (SSC) from National High School and BVS Parsi High School, Karachi, and Intermediate in Pre-engineering (HSC) from DJ Sindh Govt. Science College. He was graduated from NED University in BE (Civil Engineering). His father is originally from Jaipur, India.

What’s Waqar Zaka Family is all About?

#WaqarZaka Pakistan’s Reality Shows concept creator is single, he never got engaged or married, however, there are many rumors, but he never had an official relationship. Currently living in Karachi, Waqar’s father is Zaka-ud-Din, he is from a Punjabi family and worked for the UN.

He moved to Karachi, Pakistan in 1980, and became famous in the telecommunications industry because he founded Pakistan’s first intercom production unit, National Intercom Industry, and exported it to many other countries. Zaka’s mother has the name Samia Yaseen, she is a housewife and brings up from a Kashmiri family. He has 3 younger siblings.

Waqar Zaka’s Media Industry Career (Lifestyle)

In 1997 he published a song, ‘Nahi pada maine poora saal‘, which became a success among the students. He also won an award for this BBC Asia song as the youngest pop duet band in Pakistan.

He is known for starting the trend of reality shows, which include the popular youth reality show Living on the Edge (Sabse Himmat Wala Kon?). XPOSED, King of Street Magic, DESI KHURIYAN, and the world’s first cricket reality show, The Cricket Challenge.

Zaka’s Popularity

He is also known for his editing skills and begins a new trend in editing a reality television program in which all 45-minute broadcasts give the feel of a movie, while #Zaka represents the technique of using epic music on a small screen. He was the chief programmer of the ARY MUSIK channel in Pakistan.

Waqar Zaka’s Social Media Campaign (Facebook, Snapchat, and YouTube)

Waqar is also known to have helped virtually many, especially women, from cybercrime to harassment, to acid victims and child molestation through different social media campaigns. After SNAPCHAT on Facebook LIVE, you will not see a famous artist using his social media fan to help people in need.

He is Pakistan’s primary content developer for social media campaigns and promotions and currently works for ARY DIGITAL, the largest and most qualified satellite television network (according to the “Media Logic” TV Rating Agency).

Waqar Zaka’s Living On The Edge

Living on the Edge was considered Pakistan’s first reality show and the best-rated youth show (based on “Media Logic” TV ratings). The program was staged, edited, and produced by #waqarzaka himself, where he presented the new concept “The Anchor/Moderator is also the Judge” of the program. Participants from all over Pakistan were selected in a difficult phase of the personal interview. Afterward, 16 participants spent 10 days in a luxurious place called “WAQAR’S DEN” to face physical and mental challenges, to face politics, to vote, and to eliminate.

This is Pakistan’s oldest reality show and the only brand-sponsored program (Mountain Dew) in more than 8 years.

The “XPOSED” format had the biggest impact in 2006, as it was the first television program whose concept was not only aimed at exposing the crimes committed in Pakistan, but also at a crime-based mission that was not just the anchorperson discuss problems and help solve problems individually.

Today, Pakistan’s major news channels follow the same format. Sare-e-Aam in the ARY NEWSTarget in the AAJ NEWS, etc. In 2006, he achieved great popularity and fame by making television programs, offenders who blackmailed women, by publishing their private photos and videos to track, expose and arrest in social networks (via

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