YouTube Trending Champions With Waqar Zaka Episode 22 Review

YouTube Trending “Champions With Waqar Zaka” Episode 22 Review

Last Updated on: 19th July 2023, 05:55 am

Champions With Waqar Zaka Episode 22 Review

Champions with waqar zaka episode 22 started with a task in which different champions contestants will have to collect money from random people and also tickle them.

Basically, this Champions with waqar zaka show episode 22 consists of two tasks. Let’s talk one by one:

Champions With Waqar Zaka Episode 22 Task 1

In task 1 the team of Bilal aka Kutto and Abiha was given the first chance in this task and so on other waqar zaka champions contestants performed this task.

Champions with waqar zaka show episode 22
Champions with Waqar Zaka Show BOL House
champions waqar zaka new episode
Champions Waqar Zaka New Episode

After all the contestants performed the task then there came the PAPA of the game show Waqar zaka to declare the results. He took the opinions related to this task from different champions contestants at the champions BOL house.

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Waqar zaka declared that Abiha and Bilal won this task by properly selling flowers to the people and then tickle them.

One good news zaka said to the contestants that alongwith the price money to the winner he or she will also be given the chance or methods to earn money from different social media channels like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

YouTube video

After that Abiha and Bilal AKA Kutto were given the power or authority to eliminate any two contestants. They discussed and then decided to eliminate Hammad and Sidra and provided some reasons for elimination.

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Champions With Waqar Zaka Top 4 Contestants

After this elimination of Champions with waqar zaka show episode 22, there were only the top four contestants remaining. Now the top four BOL champions contestants are Bilal AKA Cutto, Amir Siyal, Abiha, and Maria (after wild card entry).

champions waqar zaka 22
Champions Waqar Zaka 22

Champions With Waqar Zaka Task 2

Now champions bol house day 09 timings 10:15 AM came with a new task and PAPPA again appeared with a new task.

The task was to pool the 3 balls in the hole and one interesting thing was that a person that was pooling the ball must pool those balls there were declared by the other 3 contestants. The more they will pool the balls the more their upcoming tasks will be reduced otherwise they will have to perform all three upcoming tasks.

Only Aamir Siyal just pool the 1 ball and the other three bol contestants were failed in this task.

“Champions” With Waqar Zaka Episode 22 Ending

At the end of episode 22, waqar zaka again gave the dare to the BOL show top 4 contestants; You have to tell anything by which the other 3 contestants became violent and they leave the bol champions to show at the same time.

Bilal AKA Kutto told something about Maria he cried and left the champions show at that moment.

Bilal eliminated Maria and now the only top 3 contestants of this show are Aamir Siyal, Bilal aka Kutto, and Abiha. Stay connected with us till the next episode 23.

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