Taxi Fares in The UAE Are Reduced When Fuel Prices Go Down

Taxi Fares in The UAE Are Reduced When Fuel Prices Go Down

Taxi Fares in The UAE Are Reduced When Fuel Prices Go Down

One of the seven emirates in the United Arab Emirates, Ajman has officially reduced taxi fares in the city after fuel prices fell across the country, with the new prices taking effect today.

In this regard, Ajman Transport took to Twitter to say that taxi fares have been reduced by 2 fils, with the new rates dropping to AED 1.82 per kilometer. This decision will bring significant relief to commuters who have been waiting for good news.

Although petrol prices have fallen across the country, other emirates such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah are yet to announce lower taxi fares. You should do this in the coming days.

The UAE Fuel Price Committee reviews fuel prices every month based on the market price. After two consecutive months of increases, the committee announced a drop in the prices of all petroleum derivatives in the country.

Fuel Prices in The United Arab Emirates For April

Yesterday the Fuel Price Committee announced new petrol and diesel prices with up to 3.50% discount on Super 98, Special 95, E-Plus 91, and diesel prices. Below is the table showing the price comparison between March and April:

Fuel Type April 2023 Price (AED/L) March 2023 Price (AED/L) Decrease in Percentage
Super 98 3.01 3.09 -2.59%
Special 95 2.90 2.97 -2.36%
E-Plus 91 2.82 2.90 -2.76%
Diesel 3.03 3.14 -3.50%

In March, the Fuel Prices Committee increased prices for the Super 98, Special 95, and E-Plus 91 by up to 1.40%, while diesel prices fell by 7.10%.

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