Queen Elizabeth isn't dead: Here's the real story behind the rumors

Queen Elizabeth isn’t dead: Here’s the real story behind the rumors

Queen Elizabeth isn’t dead: Here’s the real story behind the rumors

So far we know. Rumors of Queen Elizabeth’s death resurfaced in February 2022, when gossip website Hollywood Unlocked reported that the monarch had died at the age of 95. The claim came just days after the Queen reportedly tested positive for COVID-19 after losing contact with her eldest son Prince Charles, who also contracted the virus earlier this month. According to Hollywood Unlocked, the Queen was “found dead” when she was due to attend a wedding.

“It is with great sadness that we inform you that Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain has passed away,” the report said. “Private sources close to the Royal Kingdom have only informed us that Queen Elizabeth has passed away.” She was supposed to be at the wedding of British Vogue editor Edward Enninful but was found dead.

While no official palace source was cited, Hollywood Unlocked CEO and founder Jason Lee took to Twitter to back up the outlet’s allegations. “We never publish lies and I always stay true to my sources,” he said at the time. “Awaiting official statement from Palace.” The CEO later reiterated his stance on Instagram, adding, “I never lied”; On a numbered list he says, “I’ve never been wrong”; “I trust my sources; and “I have yet to see any official statement to the contrary from the palace.” Despite Lee’s testimony, many people were skeptical about the veracity of the rumors surrounding the Queen’s death.

So Queen Elizabeth is no longer alive? The answer is definitely no. At the time of writing, the Queen is still alive and doing well despite testing positive for COVID-19. Despite claims of her death, the monarch has recovered “without issue,” according to a source speaking to Us Weekly on February 23, 2022. “Of course, she has a team of doctors to call when she needs it with a support staff second to none,” a source told the outlet. “However, His Majesty has so far coped with this without any problems or has had to involve many other people in his rehabilitation.”

But what about the stories about Queen Elizabeth’s death? Following the release of the Hollywood Unlocked report on February 22, 2022, the outlet released a statement on social media apologizing for the fake news and blaming a misguided “trainee reporter” who “accidentally posted the draft.” have. “Our sincere apologies to the #RoyalFamily and everyone involved in this horrible circumstance,” they wrote. It was an accident and we are working hard to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Even before the outlet corrected its report, social media users and royal fans spent hours debating the legitimacy of Hollywood Unlocked’s report on Queen Elizabeth’s death. ‘Story. Others disputed Hollywood Unlocked’s claim that the Queen was “found dead” before attending a wedding; Given that the monarch has tested positive for COVID-19 and called off recent royal engagements, it was highly unlikely that she would attend a public event like Vogue editor Edward Enniful’s wedding.

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While the queen is alive today, the monarch will eventually die. So what if Queen Elizabeth dies? When the time comes, the palace has drawn up a comprehensive plan called Operation London Bridge, which will take place when the Queen dies.

When the Queen dies, the message is first passed between government officials, using a code phrase believed to read “London Bridge is down”. Those to be briefed include the Prime Minister, Cabinet Secretary, and other senior officials. In addition, news of the Queen’s death will spread in states where she is the head of state, as well as in Commonwealth countries where she is still seen as a symbolic figure.

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