Who Was Jan Pigman-Kruse? Biography, Wiki

Who Was Jan Pigman-Kruse? Biography, Wiki, Age, Cause Of Death, Suspect, Husband Christopher, Trial, Police Investigation Report, FB, Twitter, YouTube & Some Quick Facts

Last Updated on: 18th March 2023, 10:53 pm

Who Was Jan Pigman-Kruse? Biography, Wiki

Jan Pigman-Kruse was born on 24th September 1974 in Worthington, Minnesota.

Pigman-Kruse attended Worthington Community College, where she earned her associate’s degree.

Christopher Kruse and Jan married on 7th October 1995. Bailey Kruse is the couple’s daughter. She died at the age of 40.

Jan Pigman-Kruse Age

Her current age was 40 years.

Jan Pigman-Kruse Murder

Jan Pigman-Kruse was found dead at her home in Minnesota on 19th August 2015.

Here’s everything we know about Jan Pigman-Kruse and her cause of death.

Jan Pigman-Kruse Cause Of Death

Christopher Kruse called 911 in the early hours of 19th August 2015 after learning that his wife had been shot in the chest.

At his modest home in Brewster, Minnesota, Kruse said they nodded off when he heard the gunshot.

Kruse checked her daughter in another room before reporting the crime to the police.

According to Kruse, the stranger entered through the back door.

According to Jan’s autopsy, Pigman Kruse’s death was not caused by a physical altercation, but she was almost certainly awake at the time.

Jan Pigman-Kruse’s Husband Christopher

A native of Worthington, Minnesota, Christopher Kruse is the husband of the late Jan Pigman-Kruse.

Chris met Jan when Jan was graduating from Worthington Community College.

On 7th October 1995, Jan and Chris got married.

Five years later, the two welcomed their first and only daughter, Bailey Kruse.

Christopher Kruse became widely known after he was named the prime suspect in his wife’s murder in 2015.

Has Her Killer Been Arrested?

Christopher Kruse was charged with first degree first degree murder in March 2019 for killing his wife.

Two 12-gauge shotgun shells matching Kruse’s shotgun were found at the scene.

Although Kruse claimed his wife was killed by a burglar, he did nothing to increase security in the days following the murder.

Kruse was found not guilty on 13th February 2020 after the jury deliberated for 12 hours.

Since then, the investigation has been completed.

In 2020, NBC’s Dateline aired a two-hour episode about Jan’s death entitled Far From Spider Lake.

The episode will re-air on 19th March 2023 as part of NBC’s Dateline Weekend.

Sunday at 7 p.m. ET, NBC will air the Far From Spider Lake episode.

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