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Instagram Comes To The Forefront Of TikTok By Copying Its Best Features (Reels)

Instagram Comes To The Forefront Of TikTok By Copying Its Best Features | Reels

Instagram is going to beat TikTok By Copying its 15 Second Video Features

First, Instagram preceded Snapchat by launching its Stories feature. Currently, the social media platform is going to kill TikTok by launching a new format called Reels.

Reels feature is first discovered by TechCrunch and launched in Brazil. With this feature, available for both iOS and Android, users can record 15-second clips that can later be converted into music. Users can adjust the speed and borrow audio from other videos to remix and play content.

It also appears that Instagram adds video editing tools, such as the ability to add timed subtitles and transitions ghosting. Once a user finishes editing, the video can be published in his stories. It can also be shared in a new section called “Top Reels” on the Explore tab.

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There is currently no exact timetable for when we could see Reels in the US. An Instagram spokesman told TechCrunch that the company was just looking forward to testing functionality in Brazil for the time being, “engaging with community learning and feedback.”

“We’re excited to test Reels, a new story format that our community can use to create entertaining and short entertainment videos,” said Robbie Stein, Instagram Product Manager, TechCrunch. “Instagram Stories has always been a place of expression, and we believe this new format has tremendous potential to make people more creative.”

This is not the first time Facebook has tried to clone TikTok. Last year, it launched Lasso, an abbreviated youth video sharing platform. If you have not heard of it yet, it’s because nobody actually downloaded it. From November 2018 to February of this year, Lasso was downloaded by approximately 70,000 US users – a drop in productivity compared to 39.6 million TikTok downloads in the US over the same period.

While this may be an indication of TikTok’s ability to stay, it is more evidence of the difficulty with which a new social platform is successful. However, Instagram is firmly anchored in its audience.

This slow start is not necessarily a brake on Facebook. Last month, The Verge released an audio leak of internal Facebook meetings. Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg said he was well aware that TikTok was a challenge for Instagram. “It’s [TikTok] that is developing well in the United States, especially among young people, it’s growing very fast in India, and I think in terms of size, it’s the past of Instagram, now in India,” says Zuckerberg in the audio that was filtered. He then explained that Facebook’s lasso strategy would be to reach markets like Mexico, where TikTok has not yet gained a foothold.

In this context, it is not surprising that Facebook also provides a copy function on Instagram. Strangely, TikTok also seems to take an example on Instagram. Last summer, TikTok was discovered experimenting with a Discover tab embedded in the app and a raster layout for the feed, similar to the Instagram Explorer page.

Worth mentioning is also the timing of the Instagram function of Reels. US Senators have sounded the alarm that TikTok could pose a threat to national security. Despite attempts by TikTok to dispel concerns, a national security clearance is currently underway. Given the depth of the test, it is no bad time for TikTok rivals to stab a knife in the back. Other startups, such as Firework, are already floating and ready to fill the gap when TikTok fails.

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