How To Get Paid To Watch Horror Movies In 2023?

How To Get Paid To Watch Horror Movies In 2023?

Last Updated on: 28th October 2023, 06:41 pm

How To Get Paid To Watch Horror Movies In 2023?

An interesting offer for cinema-goers: watch 13 horror films and earn money from home.

The American company Finance Buzz decided to donate US 1,300 USD (over 200,000 Pakistani rupees) to those interested in 13 horror films in October.

As per Finance Buzz, moviegoers must wear a smartwatch to watch movies.

Finance Buzz says the smartwatch is being used to monitor the heartbeat of viewers while they are watching horror movies.

The company says the purpose of the exercise was to find out if a movie’s budget affects viewers while they watch 13 horror films to see if big-budget horror films are inferior.

The company added, “We’re going to pay the dedicated 13,100 horror movie heart rate analysts and give him a smartwatch to record his heart rate and he’ll help us out when a movie budget hits him or not”.

In addition, viewers must rate these films based on the size of the film’s production budget.

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The 13 horror films that viewers will see have already been selected by the company. This includes classic films with large and small budgets.

  • (Saw)
  • (The Blair Witch Project)
  • (The Purge)
  • (Get Out)
  • Halloween (2018))
  • (Amityville Horror)
  • (Insidious)
  • (Paranormal Activity)
  •  (Annabelle)
  •  (Candyman)
  • (Sinister)
  • (A Quiet Place)
  • (A Quiet Place Part 2)

Viewers must watch the above films between October 9-18.

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