How to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything in 2021

How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything in 2022?

How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything?

Nowadays, there are a lot of ways to make money online, and a huge number of people are using them. The potential for making a good living from online business is huge. Even more, with some planning and work, you can easily turn your online income into an established business.

There are several ways to make money online, and here we are going to share with you 7 of them.


If you love reading, you should consider making money selling books online. Amazon offers a fantastic service for selling books online and also ships them across the country to your doorstep.

If you’re interested in selling books online, you can start selling books for as little as $9.99 on Amazon and you’ll see that it’s easy.

How to Make Money Online For Beginners UK 2021 As a Student
How to Make Money Online For Beginners UK 2022 As a Student

Amazon provides sellers with unlimited free worldwide shipping, free standard shipping, as well as free returns on physical books.

This means that you won’t have to worry about the cost of shipping your books. If you’re thinking about becoming a seller on Amazon, then be sure that you check out our guide on how to sell books on Amazon.


eBay is the most popular online auction website that you could consider. It allows sellers to sell their products for as little as 0.5%. To start selling on eBay you need to create an account and sign in to it. Once your account is set up, you will need to fill out the seller application.

You also need to upload all of the product photos and other documents and then submit your application for approval. Once your application is approved, you can start selling on eBay.

With eBay, you can sell just about anything and can even make money from your past purchases. The most popular categories to sell on eBay are watches, electronics, clothing, antiques, collectibles, sports items, and books.


Kijiji is a search engine and marketplace that allows people to find the best items to buy. The biggest selling feature on Kijiji is its unlimited free nationwide shipping.

Kijiji also allows its sellers to choose the condition of their item and they can either ship it to the person that they’re selling it to, or they can deliver it themselves.

In addition to its free shipping, Kijiji also offers sellers a wide range of free tools and services to help them sell their products on the website.

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How Much Money Can You Make With an Ecommerce Store in 2022


If you love the idea of making art, you should consider selling your craftwork on Craftsy. It’s a popular craft-based online tutorial site where people can learn how to do all kinds of different crafts.

Craftsy offers instruction in a wide range of crafting skills like jewelry-making, crochet, sewing, cooking, drawing, cake decorating, glass-blowing, and much more. You can create a Craftsy account and sell your craft work on the platform. To sell your art, Craftsy offers a two-step approach for sellers to get started.

This first step requires you to build your profile so that people can find you and browse through your work. You also need to submit your design and payment information so that Craftsy can generate your listing.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you will be ready to list your products for sale. If you’re thinking about selling your craftwork on Craftsy, then you should take a look at our guide on how to sell your craftwork on Craftsy.


If you have a lot of experience in one or several of the products that Fiverr offers you, then you should consider making money online with Fiverr.

Fiverr allows sellers to sell their products for as little as $5.

Fiverr connects its customers with freelance writers, photographers, designers, translators, marketers, artists, performers, and other professionals. Fiverr also offers handy tools like a worksheet for sellers to keep track of the time they’re spending on selling their services and a cash-back tool that allows sellers to make money when a buyer buys their products.

You can upload the products that you’re selling on Fiverr to their platform and the platform will automatically price the items and decide what type of commissions it’s willing to pay.

You will also need to include a description of your products and their prices. You can create your Fiverr profile and upload your items and submit your item listings once you’ve completed the necessary steps.


Steemit is a social media platform that allows people to post articles and photos, comment on and like posts, and upvote or downvote posts.

Users earn Steem for the work that they put into the platform and a Steem bonus for the amount of time and attention that they give to the platform. Sellers can use this website to share their content, discover and build relationships with others on Steemit, and share their content.

Sellers who post their content on Steemit can also make money through their upvotes or downvotes. Steemit does not offer sellers many features, but it’s still an effective way for people to make money online.


Freelancer is another popular online marketplace that allows individuals to sell their services. People use Freelancer to find reliable and skilled freelancers for a wide range of jobs.

Sellers can find and post jobs on Freelancer to make money. To list a job, Freelancer will ask you to submit your profile, and then it will display all of the available jobs.

Freelancer requires sellers to upload their pricing list for the jobs that they are selling. This will help buyers ensure that they are hiring a professional and that prices are accurate. When you’re ready to list your jobs on Freelancer, you need to enter your contact information and upload the necessary work samples for the job you’re offering.

Final Thoughts

Fiverr, Freelancer, and Craftsy make up the most popular online marketplaces for online art and crafts selling. Although each of these sites has different features, they are all effective ways to make money online.

The great thing about online markets is that you don’t need to depend on other people to sell your work. By doing this you are your own business and you can take full control of your online presence.

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