Best 5 Degrees That Will Make Pakistani Students Move To The UK Easier

Best 5 Degrees That Will Make Pakistani Students Move To The UK Easier

Best 5 Degrees That Will Make Pakistani Students Move To The UK Easier

In response to the significant labor shortages in various sectors in the UK, posing a dual challenge for both business and the workforce, Erudera has drawn up a list of university degrees that could help solve this problem.

Erudera has published a list of the top university degrees that are well-positioned to meet market demand and bottlenecks in the UK, based primarily on factors such as the skills required for the job (which align with the degree) as well as the overall title obtained. by specialists currently employed in the respective professions.

Search will find information such as relevant university degrees, number of vacancies, and hourly wages related to some of the UK’s shortage jobs.

The best 5 academic degrees linked to job shortages are:

Engineering Degrees

There is a severe shortage of qualified engineering professionals in the UK, resulting in a huge oversupply of over 173,000 vacancies.

Bachelor Of Science (Biologists And Biochemists)

Employment growth in this sector is expected to reach 4.2% by 2027, creating around 4,500 new jobs.

Architecture Degrees

The sector is expected to see a 4.3% increase in job opportunities by 2027, creating approximately 2,900 new job opportunities.

Health-Related Degrees

According to the National Career Service, jobs in this sector are expected to grow 6.2% through 2027, leading to the creation of 4,300 new jobs. With 48.5% of the workforce expected to retire in the same period, there are a total of 33,400 vacancies. British health degrees offer promising career prospects, particularly in the fields of nursing, general medicine, and healthcare.

Computer Science Degrees

The IT sector in the UK is expected to grow, particularly in the fields of programming and software development. Demand is expected to increase by 2027, creating around 12,500 new jobs (4.2% job growth).

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