The 39th meeting of the Board of Governors Cadet College Rasmak under the leadership of CM Mahmood Khan

The 39th meeting of the Board of Governors Cadet College Rasmak under the leadership of CM Mahmood Khan

The 39th meeting of the Board of Governors Cadet College Rasmak under the leadership of CM Mahmood Khan

PESHAWAR: The Board of Governors Cadet College, Rasmak, held under the 39th meeting of North Waziristan under the chairmanship of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan.

The meeting was approved as Principal appointment at Kendall Shafqti’s Cadet College, Rasmak, as well as the revised draft of the proposed amendment and Selection Board and Executive Committee in college service rolls, were also approved.

The meeting was attended by the Chief Minister Secretariat of the University, which was attended by the Provincial Minister for Communication and Construction Akbar Ayub Khan, Prime Minister’s Special Special Envoy Durrani, Advisor for Chief Minister Ziaullah Bangash, former provincial minister Imtiaz Shahid Qureshi. Administrative Secretaries of the concerned departments, GOCC Division, DC North North Waziristan, Principal Cadet College, and other relevant officials attended the meeting.

The meeting was briefed regarding the history of Cadet College Rasmak that the college was declared in December 1977 and it started in 1978 with a total of 100 students in the seventh, 8th, and ninth class.

The college has already constructed 500 doctors, nearly 415 engineers, more than 475 armed forces officers, and more than 600 restructures, which are serving services in social services, IT, political, education, law, and business sectors.

The cadets’ overall capacity of the college is 617. The college has been financed by SEFAN yet, but from July 2019, this responsibility will take the provincial government.

It was told that the cadet college is admitted from the eighth class only, the total number of seats in the eighth class is 140, out of which 95 seats are integrated.

The meeting also proposed amendments in college service rolls, the proposed amendment will be presented for the final approval of the provincial government after examination from the relevant forum.

The meeting was informed of various college issues. The Chief Minister agreed with the need to complete the schemes of college cadet hostel, gymnasium, and faculty soon and directed concerned officials to provide resources on a priority basis for this purpose.

The meeting was also agreed to provide basic facilities for the convenience of staff and cadets.

The Chief Minister said that no one is denied the importance and popularity of the Cadet College Rasmak, this is an important institution that has an important role in promoting education in the region.

He said that the problems of college will be resolved on a priority basis. The provincial government is focusing on the quality of education in the province since the beginning of the day.

The use of resources available to raise the quality of educational institutions is being used, the results of our steps can be seen at every level.

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