WWE SummerSlam 2021 Results, Winners

WWE SummerSlam 2021 Results, Winners, Start Time, Match Card And How To Watch

WWE SummerSlam 2021 Results, Winners, Start Time And Match Card

Here are the complete WWE SummerSlam 2021 Results, set to take place on 21st August, 2021 at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada.

It’s time for “The Biggest Party of the Summer”. Live on a rare Saturday night, SummerSlam will air live from Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada. WWE has put together one of their best top-to-bottom cards all year, and their title matches are set to deliver the most.

The Main Event is a match that has been brewing for years as the Universal Championship is played between Roman Reigns and John Cena. It will also be the first WWE event to hit theaters in addition to the traditional PPV and WWE Network.

SummerSlam 2021 Details
SummerSlam 2021 Date21st August 2021
SummerSlam 2021 Time1 a.m. UK time
SummerSlam 2021 CityLas Vegas, Nevada
SummerSlam 2021 Attendance
Updated Soon
WWE SummerSlam 2021 Venue
Allegiant Stadium
SummerSlam TaglineYour Summer Vacation Destination

WWE SummerSlam 2021 Full Results Winners

Nikki A.S.H Vs. Rhea Ripley Vs. Charlotte FlairRaw Championship Match
Roman Reigns(c) Vs. John CenaUniversal Championship Match–If Reigns loses, he leaves WWE.
Bobby Lashley (c) (with MVP) vs. GoldbergSingles match for the WWE Championship
The Usos (Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso) (c) vs. Rey Mysterio and Dominik MysterioWWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship
Sasha Banks Vs. Bianca Belair(c)WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship
Edge Vs. Seth RollinsSingles Match
Sheamus(c) Vs. Damian PriestUnited States Championship Match
Drew McIntyre Vs. Jinder MahalSingles Match–Veer and Shanky are banned from ringside
Eva Marie (with Doudrop) vs. Alexa BlissSingles Match
RK-Bro Vs. AJ Styles & OmosRaw Tag-Team Championship Match

Universal Championship Match (Roman Reigns vs John Cena)

It’s a fitting main event: Cena spent his prime as a performer in the ring, but is arguably in his prime as a ‘star’ after his continued success in Hollywood.

Likewise, Roman is in his prime as a performer and is finally the character he should have played in 2015.

Roman is the well-deserved big favorite here at 1/5 odds (vs. Cena with 3/1) and it’s hard to imagine it happening any other way. Hopefully Cena still has an ‘epic’ in it (you have to assume it) and it should be an entertaining affair; The main thing is that you do not stay too long, you are welcome.

You have to assume the show is over with star power and I think we’ll get a brave performance from Cena with at least five spears before he’s finally defeated and Roman stays strong.

Keep in mind that this would be John Cena’s “Record World Title Reign” (not ignoring the real facts and history), and you have to keep in mind that if Cena won here, it would be done more.

But who follows Roman after that? Drew / Seth / Edge feel against Roman.

Maybe we end up with this setup similar to Cena. Daniel Bryan would be a bit of a surprise considering he’ll likely go to AEW. Maybe that’s how they hold Adam Cole?

I’m also not sure it feels right at the moment. Maybe Bray or Braun hadn’t really left after all. We will see.

Result: Roman Reigns wins

RAW Championship Match (Nikki A.S.H. (c) vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Rhea Ripley)

5 weeks of rebounding (and 7 games), now that a combination of those three was in the ring and one of the best WWE 50/50 stealth reserves in history.

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Nikki nailed Flair and beat Ripley by DQ. Flair immobilized Nikki and Rhea. Rhea immobilized Nikki and beat Charlotte by DQ. Based on this, I suspect Rhea pin Nikki or Nikki pin Rhea, but do the bookies agree?

A small yes. Right now, Nikki ASH’s chances of winning are slim, especially considering how much corporate backing their opponents are. I mean, Nikki at least has some support because she’s the champion, but it’s a superhero stunt with no products available.

Nikki currently has a 4/5 to win and is a big favorite (Flair is 11/8 and Rhea is a surprising outlier with 5/1).

Despite Nikki’s usual outsider status, her preferred nature is easily understood with bookies: Charlotte and Rhea can essentially ‘fight’ by letting the (almost) superhero handle the leftovers.

Charlotte and Rhea can continue their own feud, but before either of them (let’s face it, Charlotte) can defeat Cross at a later date. I’ll go with the bookies on this one.

Results: Nikki ASH remains the Champion

WWE Championship (Goldberg vs Bobby Lashley)

Fun fact: this will be the second oldest (combined)

WWE / F world title of all time. They would be the oldest if there wasn’t a Ric Flair / Hogan match … and Goldberg is currently older than these two men when this “winning stats” match was taking place.

I have no immediate problems with the age of the two artists: Lashley is objectively in his prime as an artist even though he’s in his forties and Goldberg … well … Goldberg is Goldberg.

Whatever happens, it’s highly unlikely that it’s a twenty-minute technical classic. Two greats fight and we move on.

This is not where the problem lies. The problem is that Goldberg has to somehow win here, to say the least.

Bookmakers disagree on what it’s worth: Lashley is 1/4 and a big favorite, while Goldberg is 5/2. But Goldberg has lost 2 in his last 3 games (and for a unique statistic, he hasn’t won a game on American soil since 2017).

Do you think Goldberg is the kind of person who cares about things like that? I do.

If you want to keep using Goldberg as an attraction, he has to win a match at some point and despite all of the advantages of Lashley, I think WWE might be willing to sacrifice him for it; So avoid betting on Lashley and maybe consider a pound or two for Goldberg.

Goldberg is unlikely to appear in the World Cup cover photo. Goldberg’s win against Pennilles Corbin would have been nice.

The only way (as a fan) to accept that Goldberg wins is if Big E takes it.

Result: Goldberg is the winner

Smackdown Tag Team Title [Les Usos (Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso) (c) against Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio]

Dominik Mysterio has not been involved in an unused game since June. It is an oddly damning judgment by the company that it appears that this game has been played when there has only been one PPV game before.

It’s also hard to see how to grow and develop as a performer when faced with the same person over and over again (By the way, I include the shows at home, I literally just fight with Usos).

I understand the Usos make sense as champions in the broadest sense of Roman history, but I don’t see how to justify ‘rewarding’ a doomed beverage driver with another title run. The logic behind WWE’s morals remains a mystery.

The Usos come as big favorites to this game at 1/5 odds which makes it a really unprofitable bet.

Los Mysterios (The Mysterios? Mysterio Familia?) Are 3/1 and I’m not sure if it’s worth betting on luck. It sounds strange to say, but if the Usos had lost here, they would never have won the titles.

Result: Les Usos Retains the Championship

Smackdown Women’s Title Bianca Belair (c) v Sasha Banks

After both performers missed the shows last weekend, there was a very real suggestion that this match might not happen, but as of this writing it looks like we’re going to have this Wrestlemania rematch. now.

I enjoyed his Wrestlemania match and Sasha is arguably the best and most reliable big game worker in WWE.

Sasha to win the title here at a big show like Summerslam wouldn’t be at all surprising (very tight odds suggest bookies are divided on this point) but I think (slight favorite) Belair will win this one.

The Four Riders are all pretty much untouchable, but I think there is a common understanding that moving to the “next level” (which would include someone like Belair) should be a sensible step. Bianca’s victory here, in addition to the victory at Wrestlemania, will be a real boost to Belair’s long-term headlining position.

I think Bianca can still deliver real growth in the ring and these types of matches help with that (both because she is in the ring and her perception of the team). The wise decision is to keep, and that’s what I do with it.

Result: Bianca Belair wins

Singles Match (Edge vs Seth Rollins)

I think it is very difficult to call and the bookmakers agree. Both Rollins and Edge could make a profit here and you get pretty low odds for each participant.

Edge is the very thin 1/3 favorite and Seth is 2/1 but I think Rollins could win this victory.

The only previous in-ring encounter of these two has been in the last two Royal Rumbles (the last of which was obviously won by Edge), so it will be interesting to see how they play out in the ring.

Edge has proven over the course of his career that he can “light up” with a variety of artists and I think both could use victory, Rollins in particular * really * needs a great performance in the ring.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they played this game again on the next pay-per-view; partly because WWE can’t do anything good without replicating it another fifty times, but also because I think it’s a great way to keep (both) out of global coverage (Edge because we did Reigns / Edge and Rollins, because we still would ‘nonsense). For me Rollins wins here and Edge wins later … and at 2/1 Seth isn’t a bad bet.

Result: Seth Rollins wins the match

WWE USA Title (Damian Priest vs. Sheamus)

I have said in previous articles that I think Sheamus was one of the highlights of the “Thunderdome era” and it has to be said that he did a good job building a reign for the American title. But like the bookies, I think this 130 day rule is coming to an end here.

6’5 “Hispanic Damian Priest” feels like someone WWE will leave behind in its next era of “more dwarves” and has done well on a high profile stage in ‘Mania’.

I’m not really sure. Why, apparently, he didn’t do anything in the months that followed, but hopefully a big win here will help restore the momentum that Pris had before Mania.

To me, a priestly victory seems like a no-brainer, but (in a rather odd glimpse where I seem to disagree with the bookies on everything) Sheamus is still unlikely to stay.

Priest * is * the favorite at 2/5, but Sheamo’s chances are still pretty slim at 13/8. Still, I’m sticking to the favorites here.

Result: Damien Priest is the winner

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