How Many Universities in Gilgit Baltistan?

How Many Universities in Gilgit Baltistan & Their Literacy Rate?

List of Universities in Gilgit Baltistan & Current Education System

In this article, we will discuss the list of universities in Gilgit Baltistan & their literacy rate. As you know education is the basic necessity of every human being to flourish and be known as a successful person therefore you must have to choose education.

Gilgit Baltistan is known as a low literacy rate country because they are following this really weird tradition in which education is not important. Especially when it comes to girls, they don’t prefer them getting an education.


Literacy Rate in Gilgit-Baltistan

The current literacy rate in Gilgit Baltistan is 37.8% which is low and the reason is that people don’t know the value of education and a better future.

That’s the reason they are not as career-oriented as other country residents are. They prefer men education only but women are not allowed for education after grade 6 which is close to illustrating.

The head of the family in Gilgit Baltistan prefers illiterate people over literate people which is an extremely unethical thing.

As I have mentioned the current literacy rate above and the reasons for this much low literacy rate as compared to other countries. We are going to discuss a few universities which exist in Gilgit Baltistan these days. Men and women both can study in it (if their family allows them).

Universities & Education in Gilgit-Baltistan

Few universities names in Gilgit-Baltistan are given below:

Karakoram International University (KIU) Gilgit

Karakorum international university is known as the number one university in Gilgit because they offer multiple choices of courses.

The most important thing here is that they also offer different undergraduate options like Business, medical, and computer science which is a big thing because other universities don’t give this vast option to Gilgit Baltistan students.

That’s why they don’t have much interest in studies because what people want to study is not available which makes KIU the top university of Gilgit Baltistan.

Also, the faculty at KIU is very proficient in teaching, they belong to a good academic career and are very experienced in teaching as well which is also a plus point for students to learn.

The other good and most interesting part of this university are that they don’t have the option only till bachelors even they have option after bachelors as well which includes masters programs and you can choose the requirements of years you want according to your convenience.

After master’s, they have M.Phil options and Ph.D. which is a very good sign that KIU promotes education and encourages students to study further and further, and then options make students feel comfortable in studying further.

University Of Baltistan, Skardu

These 2 universities are ranked above on here a list of Gilgit Baltistan universities because they both are equally good and prove the best education to the students in the best possible way. But both have their specific characteristics and which makes them above in ranking as well.

UOB is one only university in Gilgit Baltistan because this university is only the one that has licensed, accredited, and chartered by Pakistan higher education which we also recognized as HSC and which makes UOB distinct from the above-mentioned university.

But when it comes to faculty, programs, and education quality they both are the same and equal. That’s why the majority of people of Gilgit-Baltistan try to have admission to these two universities.

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UOB aims to deliver the best quality of education to all its students. No matter if they belong to rich and average backgrounds both of them are treated equally.

Faculty belongs to very intelligent and relatable sources who can help students to make their futures shine brighter. This level of students needs mentors who can help them to clear all the confusion on their heads and guide them on the right path.

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Abaseen Institute Of Medical And Modern Science (AIMMS) Gilgit

AIMMS university is also a very reputable university. Students who aim to become a doctor and pursue a career in a medical field always love to get the admission to AIMMS because this is the only university in Gilgit Baltistan university that offer medical education and specifically focuses on this field to create the best outcome for all those students who seriously want to be someone in this field.

Final Words

In this above-mentioned article, you can find a few best and authentic universities in Gilgit Baltistan which also explains to you the importance of education and how much the people of Gilgit are missing and neglecting education for their upcoming generations. But after this article, you might be able to change your opinion.

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