best universities in karachi for computer science bscs

What Are The Best Universities in Karachi For Computer Science (BSCS)?

If you have completed your intermediate or higher secondary studies and are also interested in the computing field then this article is the best fit for you. Let’s start discussing the best universities in Karachi for computer science (BSCS).

Before beginning my opinion on the best universities in Karachi for computer science (BSCS) I assure you that as per international standard there are many factors that make one university superior over the other. I will mention all but discuss a few of them in this article.

  1. Graduate Employment Ratio
  2. Teaching Quality
  3. Student-Faculty Ratio
  4. Quality Assurance 
  5. Research Culture
  6. Social Integration and Community development
  7. Finance & Facilities

Most of the BSCS Computer Science universities in Karachi are accredited with NCEAC (National Computing Education Accreditation Council) but very few are also offering BS (Computer Science) and registered with PEC.

Graduate Employment Ratio & Market Value

If you see most of the national and multinational IT firms in Karachi they will be filled up with NEDians, FASTians, UBIT, and SSUET graduates because employers prefer them due to their high performance and trust level.

In terms of an employment ratio of the graduates, good market value, and strong alumni network, we can categorize the universities as mentioned below:   

  1. NED University
  2. FAST (NU)
  3. UBIT (KU-DCS)
  4. SSUET

Teaching and Research

But if you are interested in teaching and research and want to continue further studies abroad from Germany, Australia, China, and others the mentioned below computer science universities graduates are more successful:

  1. NED University Karachi
  2. UBIT – Karachi University
  3. Sir Syed University, Karachi

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Highly Qualified Faculty

From the perspective of highly qualified faculty and teaching quality, You can prefer these universities for computer science study:

  1. IBA, Karachi
  2. UBIT – Karachi University
  3. FAST (NU)

More Public & Private Universities For Computer Science

Besides this there are many public and private best universities in Karachi which you can prefer for your BSCS computer science program if you don’t get admission in the above top universities in computing domain:

Name of UniversityYear FoundedSector
SZABIST, Karachi1995Private
Bahria University Karachi2000Private
Hamdard University1991Private
PAF KIET Karachi1997 Private
IQRA University1988Private
Preston University Karachi1984Public
Muhammad Ali Jinnah University (MAJU) Karachi1998Private
DHA Suffa University 2002Private
Indus University2012Private

Sindh Madressatul Islam University (SMIU)


I hope this information will help you. If you find any correction or confusion in this article then don’t forget to ask in comments.

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