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Pak Govt to Impose Two-Week Lockdown Next Month amid Ramadan

Punjab Govt Decided to Extend COVID-19 Lockdown Until May 30

The Punjab government have decided on Saturday that it would extend the coronavirus lockdown until May 30.

A notice released by the provincial government’s Ministry of Primary and Secondary Health revealed that the lockdown imposed across the province was extended to May 30.

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According to the notice, certain services are exempt from these restrictions, such as medical services, pharmacies, courier and postal services, public services including electricity, gas, internet and cellular companies, gasoline pumps, essential goods stores, and grocery delivery.

All public gatherings and social events are prohibited in districts where the coronavirus positivity rate remains above 8% according to the notice.

The ban on eating inside and outside in restaurants will also be extended. However, the government has approved takeaway and home delivery services for restaurants.

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Offices can be reopened with a strict 50% work from home. The cinemas will remain closed and all public gatherings, sporting, and cultural events will be completely banned. Transport services may be used to 50%.

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