Prince Charles Could Face Major Challenges After Becoming King

Prince Charles Could Face Major Challenges After Becoming King

Prince Charles Could Face Major Challenges After Becoming King

Prince Charles, heir to the throne, could face serious challenges if he does not prepare for the crisis of the monarchy.

Andrew Morton, author of the biography Diana: In Her Own Words, considers the Prince of Wales’ low popularity with the British public.

The royal expert stressed the need to focus on the Prince of Wales, who would succeed his mother, the Queen, as he has to climb a mountain.

Morton’s concerns emerge as the Queen continues a period of rest recommended by her medical team. This month, the monarch missed the evening reception for COP26, the commemoration ceremony, and the opening session of the general synod.

“Everyone is focused on Meghan Markel and Prince Harry [the Duke and Duchess of Sussex], but they are looking in the wrong direction,” the expert told Newsweek.

The royal author suggested, “You should focus on Prince Charles because he has a mountain to climb.”

The royal writer continued, “Prince Charles, our future head of state, future king in the near future, will only vote in the lower 30s and low 40s. To me, that’s the alarm.”

He hasn’t shared which poll he is referring to, but the latest popularity poll shows the Prince of Wales is liked by less than half of British adults. He is the sixth most popular cabinet member, as per the YouGov poll.

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Prince Charles may face many challenges after becoming king, he could also face the loss of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, as well as members of the royal family working for the family in an aging business and relationship.

However, the future king is popular around the world as many leaders have praised him for his strong environmental credentials because of his campaigns, interests, and work.

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