Who Was Jim Hutton? Biography, Wiki

Who Was Jim Hutton? Biography, Wiki, Age, Cause Of Death, Net Worth, Spouse, Son, Funeral, Twitter, Instagram & Some Quick Facts

Who Was Jim Hutton? Biography, Wiki

Jim Hutton is best known for being the partner of former Queen frontman Freddie Mercury. Before meeting Mercury, Hutton was a hairdresser in his hometown of County Carlow before moving to London, where he met his future boyfriend.

When he met Freddie Mercury outside London gay club Heaven in 1985, Jim Hutton was a hairdresser.

Hutton declined Mercury’s invitation to buy her a drink because she was already dating someone else.

18 months later, they met again at another nightclub and immediately bonded.

Jim Hutton Age

He was born in, Carlow, Ireland on 4th January 1949.

Jim Hutton Son

He is the father of actor Timothy Hutton.

Jim Hutton Spouse

Jim Hutton married Lynni M Solomon (m. 1970–1973) and Maryline Adams Poole (m. 1958–1963).

Jim Hutton Parents

His parents are Thomas R. Hutton and Helen Hutton.

Jim Hutton’s Net Worth

Jim Hutton’s net worth is around 1.5 Million US Dollars.

Jim Hutton Cause Of Death

JIM Hutton and Freddie Mercury spent several years together before the Queen singer died of complications from AIDS on 24th November 1991.

They began dating in the 1980s and eventually lived together for several years.

Though they never married (gay marriage was illegal at the time), they both wore wedding rings to symbolize their devotion to one another.

Freddie reportedly shared with Hutton that he would understand if he no longer wanted to be with him when he was diagnosed with AIDS in 1987.

The Daily Beat said Hutton responded by saying: “Be reasonable; I’m not leaving here. I intend to stay here for a while.

Hutton eventually cared for Freddie until his death in 1991.

Mercury and Me, a book by Hutton about her time with the singer, was published three years after Freddie’s death.

He began working as the singer’s gardener after moving into his mansion in Kensington and made the decision to stay away from the rock ‘n’ roll scene.

In his will, Mercury left Hutton £500,000 but left his Garden Lodge to his girlfriend and ex-girlfriend, Mary Austin.

The lodge passed into the hands of Austin, a lady to whom Mercury had become engaged but called off the marriage after admitting to being bisexual.

Despite Hutton’s claims that Mercury wanted him to stay, he apparently asked him to leave.

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