How To Block Someone From Seeing Your Posts On Reddit?

How To Block Someone From Seeing Your Posts On Reddit?

How To Block Someone From Seeing Your Posts On Reddit?

Reddit is improving its blocking feature to work like other social media platforms. Blocking people on Reddit now gives users more control over who they can contact, see their content, and whose content they can see.

Before the last update, blocking on Reddit worked more like a ‘mute’ feature, allowing the muted user to continue viewing someone else’s content. The feature wasn’t effective for people experiencing online harassment or abuse because it didn’t prevent other users from interacting with someone else’s posts.

What’s New

With the latest update, when a blocked user tries to open someone else’s post or comments, the content will appear as deleted. User profiles are also no longer accessible after a user has been banned. The only exception is moderators, who can see posts from users they’ve blocked when they appear on the subreddit they moderate.

Reddit is also changing how a blocked user’s content appears to the person blocking them. Also, to prevent abuse of the feature, Reddit plans to install a limit to prevent users from blocking and unblocking another user in a short period of time. In addition, Reddit has implemented some restrictions that prevent users from manipulating the site by blocking it on a large scale.

On the other hand, users who have blocked someone else can still see blocked users’ posts, although the content is collapsed by default. Reddit said it will keep blocked user posts accessible so users can use the site’s reporting capabilities to track potential bullying.

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