Google Pixel 7 First Impressions

Google Pixel 7 First Impressions (Release Date, Specs & Price)

Google Pixel 7 First Impressions

Google’s most recent I/O conference showcased its latest true wireless (TWS) earbuds, as well as the company’s latest mid-range phone, the Pixel 6a. The event also showcased Google’s next flagship for the year, the Pixel 7 series.

The search engine giant has already shown us what the Pixel 7 will look like using official images. Based on the images, the Pixel 7 retains the “visor” camera design, but the camera strap now has a brushed aluminum finish with separate cutouts for different lenses. The visor fits directly into the frame on either side, giving it a more integrated look.

The Pixel 7 has two cameras on the back, while the Pixel 7 Pro has three, which is no different from last year. There are no details about these cameras yet.

Google has also teased the Pixel Watch, which will be the first smartwatch designed from the ground up by Google. As predicted by leaks, the watch will have a circular face with curved glass at the top, giving it a domed appearance. It will have integration with Fitbit as Google now owns Fitbit.

We can expect to see all manner of fitness tracking and health monitoring features, like heart rate tracking, sleep monitoring, and more. There’s also a new Google Home app on Wear OS, making it easier to control connected devices from your watch.

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Last but not least, Google also unveiled the Pixel Tablet, which will be launched next year. It’s powered by Google’s Tensor chip and a single front and rear camera. According to Google, it should be the most useful tablet in the world.

The Google Pixel 7 and Pixel Watch are expected to be official later this year, but the Pixel tablet will be available in 2023.

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