Who is Franck Olivier?

Who is Franck Olivier? Biography, Wiki, Age, Belgian Singer, Passed Away, Wife & Professional Career

Who is Franck Olivier? Biography, Wiki

Franck Olivier, who sang the French version of the credits of “Astro le petit robot” and “Albator 84”, died of liver cancer.

Belgian singer Olivier passed away on Monday, 7th November 2021.

Franck Olivier’s Age

His current age was 73 years.

What Was The Franck Olivier’s Statement?

His wife, singer Marcelle Alexis from Saint-Jérôme, announced his death on social networks.

“It is with great sadness and broken heart that I announce that my husband Franck Olivier has embarked on his great journey. Thank you all for your help! There is such a great void in my heart,” wrote his wife, the singer of Saint Jerome Marcelle Alexis.

As per the France Bleu, Franck Olivier, 73, whose real name is Claude Vangansbeck, died of liver cancer.

His Professional Career

In the 1970s, Franck Olivier began his career as a “charming singer” in Europe with hits like “Bella Romantica”.

After adapting several great American hits, the artist played the credits of several famous cartoons such as “The Return of Albator” or “Astro the Little Robot”.

In the 1980s, he moved to Quebec, where he recorded several pieces.

He is also known for having worked on Lara Fabian’s debut album in 1991. The two artists even recorded a duet, “Love travels”.

In 2020, Olivier announced that he had liver cancer.

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He told the Journal de Montreal “to tell all Quebec friends who suffer the same thing that there is hope that there is a fight to be waged”.

“We will not give up. […] I am not looking for mercy or compassion. I am not looking for publicity. I do not need this anymore,” he said then.

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