ADB Decided To Provide $600 Mln Loan For The Ehsaas Program

ADB Decided To Provide $600 Mln Loan For The Ehsaas Program

ADB Decided To Provide $600 Mln Loan For The Ehsaas Program

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has announced that it will provide Pakistan with a $600 Mln Loan for the Ehsaas program, said Federal Economy Minister Omar Ayub.

As per the information, Yong Ye, national director of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), visited here on Thursday Omar Ayub Khan, Federal Minister of Economy of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

During the meeting, the Federal Minister commended the ADB administration and board for their continued technical and financial support to the Pakistani government.

The minister also recognized the timely support provided by the ADB in the purchase of COVID vaccines. The two sides also discussed mobilizing additional funds for a mass vaccination campaign in the country.

The country director informed Omar Ayub that ADB recently negotiated a new program with Pakistan that will provide $600 million for the development of integrated social protection under the Ehsaas program.

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Furthermore, he stated that ADB has committed to allocate $6.3 billion in Pakistan as part of the national business plan (2021-2023).

There are currently 32 projects worth 6.4 billion dollars in the fields of energy, roads and transportation, agriculture and irrigation, urban services, education, health, and social protection, according to a statement from the ministry.

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