upsc exam date 2020 prelims

UPSC exam date 2020 prelims: UPSC New Exams 2020 Calendar Announced

 The UPSC exam date 2020 prelims and IFS exams will now take place on October 4th 2020.   UPSC exam 2020 was scheduled for May 31 and was postponed due to the coronavirus lockdown. 

UPSC exam date 2020 prelims: The Union Civil Service Commission (UPSC) announced today the revised dates for the 2020 civil service exams and interviews.

Under the new schedule, UPSC Civil Services (tentative) will now take place on October 4th. The exams for the civil service (headmaster) will take place on January 8, 2021.

The Indian Forest Service (preliminary examination) is carried out in conjunction with the UPSC. The civil service and network exam will take place on February 28, 2021.

The civil service examination consists of three phases: preliminary examination, main examination and interview, in order to select among others officials for the Indian administrative service (IAS), the Indian foreign service (IFS) and the Indian police service (IPS).

The Commission announced at least 796 openings to complete the 2020 civil service review.

The exam was scheduled for May 31 2020. It was postponed after the COVID 19 pandemic in India. The UPSC board decided to postpone the exams on May 4 after the second phase of national closure.

This year there will be only one entrance exam for the National Defense Academy and the Naval Academy. “A joint examination for the NDA and NA (I) exam and the NDA & NA (II) exam 2020 will take place on September 6, 2020,” said UPSC. The exam will take place on September 6th.

The UPSC Board will release another announcement on the NDA and NA exams on June 10. The application portal is active until June 30th.

The Indian Economic Service / Statistical Service exam will take place on October 16. UPSC will release the IES and ISS 2020 exam notification next week.

The combined medical service exam will take place on October 22nd. The Central Armed Forces (AC) exam is scheduled for December 20.

The 2019 UPSC Civil Service Personality Tests (Mains) for the remaining candidates will continue from July 20.

Candidates can register on the official website – – to view the revised calendar online. Before the exams, an electronic admission ticket is issued, which can be downloaded from the official website.

Human Resources Minister Jitendra Singh told PTI that announcing a new date for the civil service review would resolve the arrests in some areas of the cancellation.

After the coronavirus pandemic, the indian govt. levied  a lockdown in the last week of March. The total number of covid-19 cases in India today exceeded 2.16 lakh.

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