Top 5 Sectors COVID-19 Impacted The Most in 2020

Top 5 Sectors COVID-19 Impacted The Most in 2020

In this brief article, we will discuss the top 5 sectors COVID-19 impacted the most in 2020. Our selection is based on the SimilarWeb Data Insight Hub and its results, as well as some common-sense conclusions based on the types of businesses that, were closed during the current global quarantine.

Now let’s discuss these 5 sectors:

COVID-19 Impact On Air Travel

Due to the spread of the virus, many countries have already completely closed their borders. As a result, most airlines around the world have stopped working or have stopped flying to certain countries.

Source Website: Aljazeera

Accommodation, Hotels, and Cars Rentals

Nowadays, tourism seems to be more risky than fun. Therefore, most vacations will be canceled completely now and in the coming months.

covid 19 impact on aviation industry
COVID 19 Impact on Aviation Industry

Many hotels, the survival of which depends on the number of tourists, may have to close temporarily and even permanently. In quarantine, people should stay at home and only go when needed. That is why fewer and fewer people use cars and car rental services.

Source Website: SimilarWeb

COVID-19 Impacted On Health

In these times of crisis, there is a need to be connected and informed. Regardless of whether it’s tracking new infections or getting information about best practices for preventing infections, tracking traffic on government and news websites is an indicator of public sentiment.

coronavirus impact on health
Coronavirus Impact on Health

Source Website: SimilarWeb

COVID-19 Impacted On Toilet Paper Production

The mass hysteria of toilet paper has become a global phenomenon. Nobody can explain why people around the world panicked that the possible lack of toilet paper has become a deficiency.

Source Website: Aljazeera

COVID-19 Impact On Communication

Because of coronavirus and quarantine, most companies that can make their employees work from home use video communication and remote conferencing services to a large extent, which has led to an increase in the shares of companies like Zoom, which operate in less have increased by 300% in 2 months.

Source Website: Financial Times

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