importance of world food day

Importance of World Food Day 2023 | “Healthy Food Better Life”

The Importance Of World Food Day 2023 | “Healthy Food Better Life”

16th October is known as World Food Day. It is celebrated to spread awareness about the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and eating healthy food. It emphasizes the necessity of a healthy diet that includes nutritional food, which is highlighted as a solution to assist take on society’s struggles with hunger and malnourishment.

Importance Of World Food Day

Hunger and malnutrition confines individuals that live in poor societies. Not having enough or the right food to eat affects the physical and cognitive development of children, therefore, negatively affecting their ability to learn and develop as productive members of their communities.

Unfortunately, malnutrition has played a role in nearly half of all the deaths of children under the age of five by weakening their immune systems, resulting in a higher risk of vulnerability to life-threatening diseases. This cannot go on.

Purpose Of World Food Day

This year the goal of World Food Day is to inspire a sustainable lifestyle among people everywhere as part of the Sustainable Development Goals, which have been set for the year 2030.

Due to limited resources and overpopulation, food consumption is on the rise. This subsequently results in poor distribution and other challenges, adding to the increase in food wastage.

World Food Day is our opportunity to act towards a better, and improved future in which lifestyle is of significance.

It purposes to educate people throughout the globe about the existing problem of worldwide hunger and the value of access to safe, hygienic, and nutritious foods.

It is time for governments to outline concrete plans to face hunger by spreading awareness, involving themselves in greater investments in agriculture, and coordinating schemes that mitigate the impact of climate change, especially for those who depend on farming for their livelihoods.

We have a critical opportunity to emphasize the importance of agriculture in finally ending hunger. It is clear that leaders will be obligated to act if we, the public, support this initiative wholeheartedly.

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