sarang shar abuses students

Retired Tuition Teacher Sarang Shar abuses 10 year old, He also raped almost 132 students

In Khairpur, a teacher named sarang shar sexually abused two students, and in Sargodha, a boy was raped while dancing at a wedding reception.

According to Amir Saud Magsi, police superintendent (SSP), teacher Sarang Shar raped two students in the Thiri Mirwah area of ​​Khairpur, whose video went viral.

According to the 12- and 14-year-old students, they went to Sarang’s house for class and it was their teacher who sexually abused them.


Police have registered two separate cases against Sarang, while the accused has been blown since the incident.

On the other hand, in Sargodha, a boy who was dancing at a wedding ceremony was raped by three people.

The victim, a resident of the Mehboob colony in Sargodha, told the police that three men tricked him into dancing at a wedding party, took him to a camp, and raped him.

Police said the medical report showed that the boy was raped, one suspect was arrested, and one case was registered while raids were underway to arrest the remaining suspect.

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