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NUMS Answer Key 2020 for MDCAT MBBS BDS Entry Test Result

NUMS Answer Key 2020 for MBBS BDS Entry Test: NUMS conducted an admission test 2020 on 11th October, Sunday for the MBBS and BDS Programs for its 13 medical and five dental colleges through affiliates in the whole country and Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) at the same time.

All the Students who applied for NUMS MDCAT entry test 2020 and are looking for NUMS Answer Key 2020 can check their correct MCQs from here:

NUMS Result 2020 for MBBS BDS
NUMS Result 2020 for MBBS BDS

NUMS Answer Keys 2020 Entry Test Results

NUMS issued MDCAT entry test answer keys immediately after taking the MBBS and BDS aptitude test. The reason we are issuing these keys is to make it easier for students to identify the correct answers to their MCQs.

With these correct answer keys, students can get an idea of their chances of getting the exam. Based on these answer keys, the students can prepare their next steps to secure the places at their desired medical and dental colleges. Download the complete NUMS MDCAT correct answer keys 2020:

NUMS-Answer-Key-2020.pdf (2982 downloads)

NUMS Admission Process 2020 Latest News

MDCAT is the fundamental step in the NUMS admissions process for medical studies, including the MBBS and BDS degree programs of different public and private colleges.

The students are assessed on the basis of the NUMS aptitude test and the admission process begins. Good luck are offered to students who have tried their luck in NUMS entry test 2020. You can also watch NUMS Admissions 2020 complete details in this playlist.

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