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NED University Karachi Changed their Admission Policy due to Coronavirus Outbreak

On account of this Coronavirus outbreak, NED University of Engineering and Technology, one of the top engineering institutions in Sindh, announces to change in its admission policy for admissions 2020-2021.

For the first time, the admission criteria for undergraduate admissions are based on first-year intermediate results and without taking into account the total percentage achieved in both academic years.

Apart from that, the weightage of an entry test has increased to 50%, while the weightage of the intermediate exams has been reduced to 50%.

You can also watch this YouTube video for an in-depth analysis of the new ned university admission policy.

YouTube video

Previously there was 8.33% weightage for an entry test and 91.66% weightage for the intermediate exams.

The changes were approved by the NED Academic Council during an online meeting led by the University’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sarosh Hashmat Lodhi.

NED University Karachi Entry Test Seating Arrangement 2019
NED University Karachi Entry Test Seating Arrangement 2019

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According to Professor Lodhi, the syndicate of the university will very soon give the last green signal, followed by an official announcement.

NED University will now begin its academic session in October. As the intermediate exams has been delayed due to the spread of COVID-19 and the results of inter pre-engineering will not be announced until October, we have decided to give undergraduate admissions only on the basis of first year percentage.” He added.

Some Important Points

  • Admissions will start in July
  • Entry tests will be held in the second week of August
  • Classes will commence from 5th October
  • NED Entry test based on both 1st & 2nd Year Syllabus.
  • The passing Percentage for clearing the test will be 50%
  • Engineering students will be required to get 60% in the final year of their intermediate
  • Merit Criteria is 50 50 on 1st and Test marks Merit Percentage = ({Marks Obtained In test*50}/100) + ({Marks Obtained In 1st year*50}/550) e.g. Marks Obtained In test = 80 & Marks Obtained In 1st year = 400 Merit Percentage = ({80*50}/100)+({400*50}/550) Merit Percentage = 40 + 36.3636 = 76.3636%

NED University has decided to add 40 more seats this year, meaning there will be 2,682 seats in 28 fields. These 24 seats were added to the Department of Computer Science. For the first time, NED University allocated 18 seats to Ziauddin Board students.

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