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jannat mirza tik tok viral video

Jannat Mirza is banned from TikTok after attempting to hack

Jannat Mirza is on her way to her career in Lollywood after tik tok fame, but most of her haters have a problem with it.

Recently, the TikTok star became a target for Internet users when its alleged “leaked photos” went viral on social media.

This happened a few days after his debut in the Sarmad Qadeer music video for Shayar. Apparently his account was also blocked on the day the song was released.


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Jannat Mirza has enough

On her Instagram, Jannat spoke about the harassment that she has been exposed to in the past few days. She hit people for tarnishing her social media popularity.

“When my song was supposed to be released, my account was hacked. After the start they blocked my account. Now that my film is coming out, people have started posting retouched photos. Why are people so jealous of someone’s success?

Jannat asked people to at least respect the girl whose photos they had used to damage her character and asked his fans to support her.

“I ask my followers to be by my side so that we can fight such envious people.”

jannat mirza tik tok viral video
Jannat Mirza Tik tok Viral Video

This is the second time she has shared fake photos on social media, according to TikToker, and she warns of actions against anyone involved in this malicious act.

Jannat Mirza also revealed an Instagram page that tried to murder her and the character of Minahil Malik.

Minahil Malik also appears to have been the victim of online bullying after her leaked photos went viral on social media.

jannat mirza tik tok

Many social media influencers and TikTok personalities supported Jannat Mirza and asked people not to throw garbage on her just because she was successful.

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