Is Will Smith Act Shows He's A Scientologist Or Not?

Is Will Smith Act Shows He’s A Scientologist Or Not? Christian Or Church Of Scientology Theory

Is Will Smith Act Shows He’s A Scientologist Or Not?

Will Smith’s act has raised questions about whether he is a Scientologist, a Christian, or an adherent of the Church Theory of Scientology.

Actor, rapper, and film producer Will Smith lives in the United States. He is also known by his stage name The Fresh Prince. He is able to achieve fame on a wider spectrum for his work.

Will Smith slapped Chris Rock in the face at the Oscars Sunday night for making fun of his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, and people started talking about Smith and Scientology.

Is Will Smith a Scientologist? Christian Theory or Church of Scientology

The incident at the Oscars where Will Smith slapped Chris Rock onstage sparked many rumors that Smith was a Scientologist. For a number of years, it was rumored that Smith and his wife were involved with Scientology.

Smith shocked audiences at the Oscars on Sunday night when he stormed onto the stage and punched Chris Rock after the comedian made a joke about his wife.

Fans began commenting on the actor’s involvement with Scientology on Twitter. Smith spoke openly of himself following Christianity and the teachings of his grandmother.

However, Jade was rumored to have been associated with Scientology. In 2018, Smith commented on Red Table Talk that he wanted to “record” that the couple “never were Scientologists.”

Meet the Will Smith School of Scientology – Wiki

People had seen Jade at the Scientology Celebrity Center all along, but not Will Smith. Smith opened a school at the New Village Leadership Academy, believed to be his mysterious private school in Tony Calabassas, California as a Scientology school.

It opened in 2008 and quietly closed in 2013. According to The Daily Beast, four former teachers and school administrators said that all aspects of the school have been purged of Scientology and that it is “essentially a Scientology school.”

Most of the teachers were said to be Scientologists and taught students Scientology learning methods.

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Learn about the religion of the Will Smith family

Previously, there were many questions about Will Smith’s family religion when his wife was spotted at a Scientology church. There were many rumors about his family’s belief in religion.

Will Smith is a Christian. Jada has since denied the rumor that they were Scientologists, and Will has also been open about his belief in God. He grew up in a Baptist family and attended a Roman Catholic school and church.

Smith considered his grandmother to be his spiritual teacher. He often donates to Christian charities. Its largest beneficiary is an organization called Yesha Ministries of Philadelphia.

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