How can I check my kamyab Jawan program loan application status?

Check the Kamyab Jawan Program Loan Application Status

Prime Minister Imran Khan launched a loan program to provide loans to the citizens of Pakistan called the Rare Youth Scheme, to which all Pakistani men and women under the age of one can apply online. It is also known as the Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme (YES). always tries to provide you with the latest information on loan programs in Pakistan.

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s dream was to help the poor and deserving through this loan and to start their own business by borrowing in simple installments.

How can I check my kamyab Jawan program loan application status?
How can I check my Kamyab Jawan program loan application status?

It is for this reason that this large number of job creation plans for the Pakistani Youth Mission was initiated.

Please visit our website for more information on this Pakistan YES loan program.

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This article explains how you can find out the status of your loan application through the portal. Can You Find Out If Your Loan Has Been Approved Or Not?

How to check my Kamyab Jawan Program application status?

Interested candidates can check the status of their application for Kamyab Jawan Loan Phase 2 using the instructions:

  • Applicants should visit the online portal of the YES program’s official website to keep track of their loan applications.
  • Then enter your ID card number without hyphens and the mobile phone number.
  • To check your status as an applicant, you will need to enter your date of issue with the CNIC and your date of birth in the YES portal.
  • After you’ve entered your information, click the “Submit” button. You will find out the status of your Kamyab Jawan loan application.

 Track Your Loan Application 

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Image demo to check your loan application status

We are sharing a picture of the successful youth Nojawan YES program online portal that applicants can see clearly when visiting the official website to indicate the status.

The picture is displayed. Check the status of your loan application. Although you can understand how to use it properly.

Kamyab Jawan track application form phase 2

Candidates can view the following statements by clicking the Submit button after entering all of the information shown in the image above.

kamyab Jawan program loan application status
kamyab Jawan program loan application status
  • No record found“: If you see this message on the screen, your request is still pending or provides irrelevant information.
  • Submitted” is the message that indicates that your request has been sent to the bank.
  • Approved“, congratulations, your application has been approved and the bank will contact you shortly.
  • Rejected“, your loan application has been rejected.

Candidates can also download the rare Young app from the Play Store for app details.

So please check the full details of your application status from there to submit the loan application.

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