HEC orders HEIs

Higher Education Commission (HEC) Orders HEIs To Implement Sexual Harassment Policy Guidelines

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) is dissatisfied with the advancements made by Higher Education Institutions in implementing sexual harassment policies.

The Executive Director’s Office of HEC has published a notice to all public and private sectors institute instructing them to upgrade implementation of the HEC Directives in order to improve the public’s perception of effective administrative and control systems for sexual cases to change harassment.

HEC Executive Director, Fateh M. Marri, has called on the institutional leaders to personally ensure their implementation. He also asked them to report the progress of implementation, their personal satisfaction with the measures taken and the following statistics:

  • Date of adoption of the guidelines and laws of the HEC.
  • Date of upload to the University’s website and dissemination on the campus.
  • Date of setting up a harassment complaints office, hiring a harassment monitoring officer and setting up a hearing and appeal panel.
  • The number of reported and corrected cases of harassment (after years).
  • Proposals to improve the effectiveness of the policy

Mentioned-below is the HEC‘s publish official circular:

HEC Orders Universities To Implement Policies Against Sexual Harassment

The notice has instructed the chancellors, rectors and university leaders to submit their answers by October 25.

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