Denmark Makes it Easier For Foreigners To Immigrate And Obtain Work Visas

Denmark Makes it Easier For Foreigners To Immigrate And Obtain Work Visas

Denmark Makes it Easier For Foreigners To Immigrate And Obtain Work Visas

Denmark, one of the most attractive countries for foreigners, is poised to relax its immigration rules to attract international talent as Europe faces a global labor shortage.

The Scandinavian nation will lower minimum wage requirements, expand accelerated work permit programs and create more jobs for immigrants. The country will also allow longer stays for international students looking for employment.

In short, Denmark made several changes to the Danish Aliens Act on March 23rd, which will come into force on April 1st. Under the new rules, Denmark has made it easier for employers to hire third-country nationals (TCNs).

Lower The Mandatory Minimum Wage

Salary requirements have been lowered to open up more employment opportunities for foreigners. After the new limit comes into effect, foreigners who earn at least 375,000 Danish kroner (50,344 euros) will be able to apply for a work and residence permit. The current limit is 465,000 DKK (€62,434).

Accelerated Certification For Hiring Foreign Employees

Danish companies looking to hire foreign workers can take advantage of accelerated certification, which allows for faster processing of work permits and more flexible employment terms.

While this was previously limited to companies with at least 20 full-time employees, recent changes have lowered the requirement to just 10 and improved accessibility for small businesses.

Bootstrap Extension

Denmark’s start-up program for third-country nationals also broadens your horizons. The program is currently only open to entrepreneurs who intend to start a new business in the country and is now being extended to people who already have a business in Denmark or who wish to open a branch in the country from outside the country’s borders.

These changes come into effect on April 1st and encourage new business opportunities and encourage international entrepreneurship in the country.

Encourage International Students To Stay

International university students are also encouraged to remain in the country after graduation. With the new policy, students automatically benefit from a three-year job search after graduation.

In particular, this period does not require a separate application for residence permits and enables research and residence in the country.

Under the old system, graduates could only stay for two years, making the revised policy a welcome change for international students. By offering longer job searches, Denmark seeks to retain talented individuals who have been educated within its borders and to further encourage diversity and knowledge sharing within the workforce.

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